Which channels should you choose for your BtoB prospecting plan at the start of the school year?

Which channels should you choose for your BtoB prospecting plan at the start of the school year?

Faced with the numerous channels available for prospecting in BtoB, it can be difficult to choose your method. What are the best performing channels? On which channel are your prospects ready to listen to you? Which ones allow you to obtain ROI the fastest? Here are the types of questions you can ask yourself.

In terms of prospecting, there are two main approaches today. You have the choice between attracting your prospects to you or going in search of them. In the first case, we speak of inbound. In the second, we can talk about outbound or cold campaigns (cold emailing, cold phoning). Today, acquiring new customers pushes you to combine these two approaches. But how do you then choose the right channels for your business?

B2B prospecting: how to choose your channels?

The number of prospecting tools available online continues to grow. But you still have to choose the right channel according to your target . Eh yes ! It is essential to choose the right channel based on a clearly defined target to succeed in your prospecting campaign. Not to mention that you also have to adapt it to your prospecting plan.

Without further ado, we will present to you the main B2B prospecting channels to adopt:

Digital channels 

Companies use digital channels to contact their customers or prospects. They can transmit information through digital communication. These channels are extremely varied, but it should be noted that it is not necessary to be present on each of them to have a strategy that works.

Here are 4 digital channels that remain as formidable and effective over time:

1 – Emailing 

Many people think that email marketing techniques, such as newsletters and the like, are largely outdated. However, it is one of the channels that still converts best. With an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent . It is estimated that email marketing revenue will reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023 (Statista, 2021). So many reasons which show that emailing is still very profitable.

With a quality email base qualified prospects and with good content that perfectly addresses the real problems of your prospects, you will inevitably have excellent results. Emailing therefore essential for your marketing strategy. It is essential to master the techniques to make it more efficient and profitable. If you encounter any blockages, our experts can help you.

2 – Social networks 

21st century businesses risk missing the point if they don't integrate social media into their marketing strategy. When we talk about digital channels, we often think of social networks. These can help you gain visibility with your new customers and prospects.

Also, it is important to note that it is not necessary to be present on all existing networks. Indeed, your choice will largely depend on your Persona. For example, there is no point in being present on Facebook if your target customer is not even present there or is not looking for the solution to their problem on that particular channel. So remember to work on your Persona before even looking at your communication strategy on social networks!

Social platforms promote interactions between companies and their targets. Here are two networks to favor for your B2B prospecting :

  • LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is very effective for BtoB prospecting. It remains the best BtoB channel for social networks and remains the favorite of professionals. This network is dedicated to networking and digital communication between professionals. LinkedIn currently has more than 660 million members, including around 17 million in France. These figures alone are enough to encourage salespeople to develop their prospecting on the network.

There are different ways to prospect on LinkedIn: inbox messages, publishing in groups, publishing good content, making contact with your visitors, etc.

LinkedIn has been constantly evolving for several years. It allows you to develop your visibility, but above all to position yourself as an advisor to your prospects and customers. The secret is to position yourself as an expert!

3 – Phone calls 

Phoning or telephone prospecting refers to direct marketing prospecting actions carried out by telephone .

Businesses do not always have to use the Internet to increase their visibility. The phone call remains an effective way to acquire new customers, especially when applied to qualified prospects. According to a study conducted by Salesforce, 100% of customers and prospects use the phone at some point in the purchasing process. This shows that phoning remains a good prospecting channel.

4 – The chatbot 

The chatbot is also an excellent prospecting tool as it allows you to refine the needs of prospects. Then, the most relevant expectations are relayed to the agents responsible for closing .

If configured well, the chatbot can be a great asset. Above all, it is a conversational tool that can take over during your absence. He takes care of the first contacts with your potential customers. In addition, it collects information for you that will allow you to pre-qualify your leads . It will then be easier for you to contact to offer them your offer later.

Physical channels 

These are communication channels that allow you to enter into direct contact with curious and open visitors. They can come spontaneously when they are looking for information or solutions. This is therefore a prospecting channel that should not be neglected.

In this category, we can find: trade shows and business events.

1 – Trade shows: 

This is a thematic event that brings together exhibiting service providers and professional visitors from the sector in one place. It can be a direct marketing exhibition, catering, construction, professional training, etc.

A trade show generally includes an exhibition part (provider stands) and a conference part (marketing definition).

Here is a list of some BtoB trade fairs which will take place very soon in France:

2 – One-to-one business events: 

One-to-one business events are intended to encourage and develop exchanges between professionals in the same sector of activity in the same place, over a short period. They promote meeting potential customers. It is clear that the presence of numerous decision-makers provides opportunities to win over potential buyers.

A one-to-one meeting at an event is a business meeting, often scheduled in advance, that allows a decision maker and a provider to meet for a limited time. The service provider can then present its offer and offer assistance to the decision-maker.

You can take advantage of a large number of possibilities: 

  • Promote your products or services; 
  • See what your competitors are offering; 
  • Boost your sales; 
  • Meet and identify new contacts;
  • Build customer loyalty; 
  • Learn about market trends; 
  • Stay up to date with the latest innovations…

One-on-one meetings increase the possibility of knowing your prospects better, providing a better customer experience, engaging them and even more converting them.

LesBigBoss , for example, offers connections between decision-makers and service providers using project matchmaking technology There is also Heavent Meetings , whose main objective is to promote direct "face-to-face" meetings between exhibitors and decision-makers through pre-organized and highly qualified pre-event meetings in a friendly atmosphere.

Note that through its multi-tenant and multi-channel platform, Magileads gives you access to all the tools you need to carry out your commercial prospecting. You will choose for yourself the scenarios and channels most appropriate to your marketing strategy. As a bonus, you'll have a PRM that allows you to easily increase your conversion rates.

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