Centralize all of your sales and marketing campaigns on a single platform

Create your prospect lists on the platform, contact them on different channels and organize the follow-up of your leads

All your acquisition processes on a single platform. Simple and quick.

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  • Creation of contact list

Automate the creation and enrichment of your contact lists directly from our platform. Around the world

  • Sending multi-channel sequences

Create sequences using emails, SMS, LinkedIn to reach your prospects across multiple touchpoints

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  • Monitoring and relaunching hot contacts

Organize the follow-up of your leads using our post-campaign dashboard

  • Synchronization with your tools

Synchronize your tools (CRM, Google sheet, Calendar, etc.) with the platform to obtain a fully automated and virtuous system

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Create and enrich your contact lists dynamically

Create your contact lists dynamically from LinkedIn or Google Maps.


Our system then enriches your lists by adding essential information (professional email, telephone number, title of the person, workforce, sector of activity, etc.)

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Contact your prospects on different channels

Ultra-personalized messages

Ultra-personalized messages

Use variables and artificial intelligence to create messages that are ultra-tailored to your target

Multi-channel sequences

Multi-channel sequences

Use multiple channels to contact your prospect in multiple ways (email, LinkedIn, text messages, etc.)

Test and prove your approaches

Test and prove your approaches

Several different sequences with different contents to maximize your chances of success (AB Testing)

Track feedback from your campaigns

Track all your prospects' signs of interest using the tracking dashboard

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Track your leads

Lead tracking

Find all the interactions of your prospects in your PRM.

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Task sharing

Assign leads to your salespeople to follow up and follow up.



If you already have a CRM, synchronize it on the platform.


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Enrichments per month
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  • Unlimited number of emails sent
  • Unlimited number of linkedin scrapings
  • Unlimited number of imported contacts
  • Unlimited number of warm-ups
  • Unlimited multichannel sequences
  • Unlimited number of campaigns
  • API access
  • Access to the monitoring dashboard
  • Unlimited number of integrations