Use our integrated
CRM / PRM to track & follow up with your prospects

At the end of your campaigns, we automatically isolate the prospects who are interested in your offers in your CRM / PRM (Prospect Relationship Management)

A customer is not a prospect .
We therefore do not address a client and a prospect in the same way. The relational approaches and the actions that result from them are different.

The PRM allows a strategy of automating your follow-up actions through nurturing loops,

It tells you the number of follow-ups already made by email, the time the prospect spent on your website, the number of follow-ups by telephone made to transform prospects into customers .

You have all the information to follow your prospects and recontact them: contact name, company, email, landline or mobile phone, contact function, location, sector of activity, direct link from the Linkedin profile…

Use our integrated CRM /PRM to not miss any business opportunities.

This way you only focus on contacts interested in your offers.

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