Features of our
B2B acquisition prospecting

a retargeting campaign is a digital display campaign

Our solution integrates:

You can access the entire
platform free of charge .
You can target your prospects in the database and create your emailing sequences.

Free access, no credit card imprint required.

Our solution is UNIQUE with its vision of a marketing automation with a 360 vision.
It is Multichannel by Mail, LinkedIn, SMS, VMS, Ads retargeting

It integrates as standard:

B2B database
– Access to our database of 15 million BtoB contacts with LinkedIn profile
– Nominal contacts with the function in the company
– Access to LinkedIn Profiles
– Ability to export contact lists
– Ability to merge contact lists
– Ability to split contact lists
– Ability to share your lists
Ability to import your contact lists in TXT, CSV or Excel format
– Enrich your contact list

Emailing Automation
– Integrated emailing tool
– Automation tool (creation of scenarios with automatic reminders)
– Management of daily sending limitations
– Automatic AB Testing on objects to use the best object
– Management of push lists (for emails, domains, SIREN, SIRET)
– Shared IP pools
– Dedicated IP pools
– Management of a multi-account SMTP server
– Management of the theme of the campaigns
– Personalized footer on emails
– Management of variables in the body of emails
– Management of variables in the subject line of emails
– Drag & Drop HTML Email Template
Libraries of pre-designed email templates – Contact form creator on the Magileads platform
– Landing page creator on the Magileads platform

LinkedIn Automation – UNIQUE features
– Access to our LinkedIn profile database of 15 million BtoB contacts
– Access to the global database of LinkedIn profiles
Retrieval / import of records Linkedin in your Magileads space
– Recovery of Likers, responders of a post to enter in cont acts with them
– Enrichment of the Lin sheets kedin with fiscal, legal and mail Pro data
Automation of the visit of the profiles (scripted)
Automation and ultra-personalization of the invitations by numerous variables (scripted)
– Multi-channel Automation tool (creation of scenarios with automatic reminders by Linkedin, Mails, SMS…)
– Conditional action sequence in the scenario
– Management of daily sending limitations
– Trigger an action based on an event on the Mail or LinkedIn (scripted)
– Management of variables (Name , Function, Sector …)
– Import / Export your LinkedIn contacts with the Pro mail
– Multi-account management without Chrome extensions!
– Management of pods: Likes / messages between members of a community (Coming soon)
– Management of the publication on social networks (Coming soon)

Lead Scoring
– Ability to assign a virtual score based on the prospect's behavior on campaigns
– Possibility for the user to manage his scores by link / Interaction in the mail
– Real-time score update
– Sending an alert if a prospect exceeds a certain score
– Sending an alert to a prospect who visits your website for the first time
– Sending an alert of a prospect who revisits your website
– Management of alerts for clickers, openers of your prospects who visit your website
– Global lead scoring management

Lead Nurturing / Outbound marketing
– Multi-channel scenario by mail, Linkedin, SMS, VMS, Ads…
– Transactional emails
– Establish sample paths (Prospect Heat)
– Create a simple, step-by-step content strategy

Full retargeting
– Analytics
to track and analyze the actions of your prospects on your site – Management of variables by link to identify the pages consulted and the time spent on each page
– Identification of the visitor by his Name, First name, Function, Company, email, phone…

– Access to the PRM / CRM with the history of each commercial relationship
– Import into the PRM / CRM
– Integration of PRM / CRM in your CRM

– Reporting and Campaign Statistics
– Behavioral statistics
– Socio-professional statistics
– Export of the report, customizable with the name of the customer
– Downloading of openers, clickers, responders, website visitors, Calendly appointment booking
– Analytics tracking of your website visitors and page views
– Access to email and phone (standard and/or mobile if available) of prospects
– Export of the contact form of the prospects

– Creation of a multi-user team on the platform
– Redistribution of credits within the team
– Management of user rights by the team administrator
– Duplication of a file or a campaign between several team members
– Rotator to take control of team members ' accounts
– Unlimited addition of new team members

– Automatic access to a reseller area with a personalized affiliation link
– Automatic calculation of commissions due
– Electronic signature of the reseller contract
– White label access to the platform
– Management of your own customer lists
– Management of its own pricing policy
– ​​Management of its own pricing policy
– ​​Ability to add your own database to the count form
– Possibility to customize the contact records visible to the user

Integrator, IT services company, publisher
– Possibility to customize the Magileads solution by your subdomain or by visible or invisible Iframe

Mailing server – Back Office
– Infrastructure of over 250 IPs/domains dedicated to sending
– Ability to create specific IP pools
– Management of the sending rate IP by IP, pool by pool
– Management of lists of ISPs authorized to send by IP or by pool
– Management of sending exclusions by IP or by pool
– Automatic rotation of IPs in case of blacklisting
– Automatic unsubscribe management
– ​​Management of the date of the stop of the campaigns and the purging of the queues

Manage your exclusion lists like your customer lists

Management of lists of people not to prospect from mail, domains, NAF, Siret, LinkedIn links…

Mailing server – SMTP
Integration of your own mails for cold mailing
– Possibility to create pools of your mails
– Warmup to warm up / prepare your mails for prospecting
– Scheduling and Limiting Shipments per Day
– Scheduling and Limiting Shipments per Hour

Database – Back Office
– Aggregation of several tens of millions of professional data in France
– Structuring of these data in a main database
– Daily update of the database
– Separate infrastructure to test this data before it goes online
– Cross-referencing of personal email and business phone on millions of BtoBs
– Cleaning and structuring of contact functions in the company

Payment management on the platform – Back Office
– Possibility to pay by credit card via the LemonWay 3D secure API
– Management of unsubscription and recurrence on CB payments
– Possibility to pay by SEPA transfer via the GoCardless API
– Automatic generation of the invoice

Opt-out management
– ​​Automatic management of unsubscribe links
– No manual unsubscribe action is required for the prospect
– Possibility for prospects to unsubscribe and request the removal of their data from the global database

Automation through social selling
– Possibility to make follow-ups via Linkedin in an automation scenario
– Possibility to make follow-ups via Twitter in an automation scenario
– Possibility to make reminders by paper mailing in an automation scenario

– Integration of the user's Google Calendar (Calendar)
– Integration of the user's Outlook calendar (Agenda)
– AirCall API integration for teleprospecting (CRM)
– Integration of the user's Gmail account (WebMail)
– Integration of the user's Outlook account (WebMail)
– Integration of Magileads CRM to your CRM via Zapier

– Access to the API for the following features
➔ Importing contacts automatically
➔ Import of a push list
➔ Import of contacts to be pushed back into scenarios

– Integration of a Webmail to synchronize your email accounts and directly manage

Shared calendar
Integration of a calendar to synchronize your calendars with the PRM of Magileads and directly manage the appointments with your prospects.
– Multi-user agenda between users of your Magileads account

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