email marketing an effective customer acquisition lever

Email marketing, an effective customer acquisition lever

Email marketing is at the same time a channel for acquiring and retaining customers . Used wisely, it can be a powerful tool that can greatly contribute to the success of your web marketing strategy.

Customer acquisition through the use of email marketing is one of the most widely used techniques in a content-based strategy. Indeed, email marketing can be used, on the one hand, to make your contacts adhere to your offer and to retain them. On the other hand, it can be used to target specific customers.

What is email marketing?

An email marketing is an email that generates leads. Sent to a defined contact list and using an automation system, it can help increase your brand's visibility . And as you probably know, better visibility will allow you to both acquire new customers and retain them.

Note that there are two distinct forms of email marketing: conversion and email loyalty . Because of their resources and approaches, the two levers do not benefit from the same deliverability.

Differences between acquisition and loyalty emails

Email conversion

For this first form, it is a question of targeting people who are not yet customers of your company by relying on databases of addresses purchased or rented from third parties . These addresses are collected through online games and surveys, or co-registration campaigns. This is a marketing technique that offers an additional subscription when registering for a service

The content of an acquisition marketing email is often characterized by promotional offers or product launches . These messages are delivered at auspicious times to fuel the conversion rate . The ultimate goal is to win new customers .

In this type of approach, the volume of databases is unlimited .

Email loyalty

This type of email is aimed at customers who have already purchased or who have shown an interest in the company's offer. Email addresses are therefore collected from the subscribers themselves. As a result, the volume of databases is limited .

The content usually takes the form of a newsletter . This is an email that informs about the company's activities that respond to the reader's problems . It also happens that the loyalty email takes the form of a promotional offer to encourage the customer to buy.

The editorial vocation, more relational and more informative of this type of email is much better received by customers .

Need contacts to send your next marketing emails to? Use the database available on Magideads. This includes nearly 20 million nominative B to B contacts and is updated daily. If necessary, it will allow you to perform easy targeting, according to several criteria (civility, sector of activity, position, etc.).

One does not go without the other: complementary levers

Both approaches have the same basis: that of feeding your customer portfolio by sending personalized messages. However, since some of your subscribers are not yet customers, newsletters take on both the role of acquisition and loyalty. The two levers are therefore complementary.

The advantages of email marketing

Email marketing is an effective marketing tool to support the company's digital strategy and has many advantages.

It has a low cost and allows to have a sustainable ROI

To send your marketing emails quickly, easily and automatically, most emailing platforms offer affordable prices. You can also do it yourself with dedicated tools.

A study of US marketers conducted in 2016, by the Direct Marketing Association, showed that the average ROI attributed to email marketing was 122%, far ahead of social media (28%) and sponsored links (25%). Moreover, with an average of 16% of their marketing budget allocated to emailing, this channel was responsible for nearly 23% of sales.

It allows controlled targeting

Today, most emailing tools offer tracking of the recipient's behavior. Thanks to this statistical data, you can specify and personalize your next shipments. In addition, A/B tests, the visual personalization of emails with WYSIWYG editors (Whatyouseeiswhatyouget), now make it possible to go further in the optimization of email campaigns .

With the use of campaign tracking tools, known as “tracking”, emailing makes it possible to target customers appropriately. Thus, they offer more possibilities to marketers: launch targeted and personalized campaigns, send responsive campaigns that adapt perfectly to different screens, set up retargeting campaigns, etc.

Mass sending of email marketing: beware of the consequences

The major risk of a massive sending of email marketing lies at the level of reception from recipients. Indeed, mailbox services integrate into their system a filter to counter abusive email sending : spam. To avoid falling into this category, it is crucial to avoid sending repetitive emails to unreceptive recipients.

Content that is irrelevant or too generic can become counterproductive . Similarly, sending too frequently becomes an annoyance for the recipient. You have to find the right frequency.

The important elements of successful email marketing

The subject

The topic is very important as it is the first sentence that your readers will see. It is she who will trigger or not the opening of your message. Also, you have to write on an eye-catching theme and use icons .


You need content that is relevant and consistent with the catchy title you've put. There are templates available on the Internet to inspire you if you are not familiar with this kind of activity.

The Call to Action

The call to action should be clear to your readers: place an order, subscribe, contact a sales representative, etc.

Indicators to follow in an emailing campaign

Monitoring relevant indicators allows you to estimate the performance of your campaigns.

The deliverability rate

It corresponds to the number of emails that actually arrive in the inbox of your prospects. This number depends on the reputation of your site, the email service you use, etc. Avoid using email addresses with your domain name. Indeed, these usually end up in spam.

The opening rate

It corresponds to the number of people who opened the email on the number of people who received the email . A/B testing will identify the hours and hooks that maximize your open rate .

Click-through rate

The goal is to redirect the prospect to a landing page or on your website. This rate is based on the number of people who clicked on the link in the email compared to the number of people who opened the email. To increase it, use the AIDA model (attention, interest, desire, action).

The conversion rate

That's your end goal. It corresponds to the number of people who made a purchase out of the number of people who clicked on a link in the email.

The churn rate

This is a variable to take into account. It corresponds to the number of people who have unsubscribed from your newsletter out of the number of people present in your database. To develop its turnover, the company will need to use the sending of email marketing .

Note that Magileads provides you with relevant KPI indicators allowing you to measure the impact of your emailing campaign as part of automated omnichannel prospecting.

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