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Are you an entrepreneur, a startup? Are you in the online business? Do you have a Very Small Enterprise (VSE) or a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME)? You might be looking for email marketing software that lives up to your expectations for your business. This article will help you discover the ideal solution for your concerns. It is important to remember that email remains the fundamental means used by marketing and probably the most effective in the business on your website. In order to expand your activity on your website and to give more visibility to your products and especially to retain your customers, you will need the support of an emailing solution for the creation of campaigns. How can I compare email marketing software? How to choose successfully among these present software to have a better return on investment from your website? Let's go and find out more.

Summary of the article

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First of all, what is emailing?

Before tackling the comparison of emailing software, it would be wise to understand the concept itself. Still called email marketing or email marketing, emailing is the term used to designate as a direct marketing channel, the creation and sending of emails. This is a system that has long been confused with mass mailing, but nowadays is based on the agreement of the recipient contacts as well as the personalization of the content from your site. Email marketing represents a real support to the digital marketing policy and is today considered the most powerful way with an amazing return on investment that is estimated today at 3800%.

In our opinion, it is becoming more and more impossible to have an activity on your website or an online business without resorting to the creation of emails through a medium. Your website gets a real advantage. Whether it is the order confirmation from the site, as well as the news newsletter on your website, emailing is today an indispensable asset for the effective management as well as the development of your business and it would be interesting to discover it. That's why we propose you in a comparison, an overview of the software that intervenes in the good realization of a good emailing campaign through your website for an excellent promotion of your products.

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Comparison of some emailing software

When you are in the online business or otherwise, successfully choosing the best medium in the saga of emailing software available for the good of your website turns out to be a task that is not of the least. However, the creation of your campaigns cannot be sold off. That's why a comparison would be ideal.

Indeed, we call an emailing software or emailing solution, an editor that at the same time serves as a router for your emailing campaigns through your website. There is a multitude of solutions or software available on the market to discover and which also have multiple opinions. It's hard to gauge them without making a comparison. This is why it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the ideal medium for the mass mailings often carried out in online commerce. Here is for you a selection of the best emailing software for a complete comparison to discover in the next lines.

Sendinblue: a marketing tool with multiple features

Conceived by Armand Thiberge and Kapil Sharma in 2012, Sendinblue is an emailing solution whose company has more than 80,000 users and has its offices in France, India and the United States. It is one of the best programs on the market and is included in this comparison. According to the majority of opinions, the marketing solution we propose you to discover here is of high quality and we denote an intuitive tool, complete, a reactive support and even advice for an improvement of the derivability of the emailing campaigns carried out via the website . With this software, several services or functionalities including the principle of automation are within the reach of the user and the latter will be able to discover them without difficulty when creating his events on his site.


Based on the reviews and findings, we realize that the main service offered for your website by Sendinblue remains this one. It is focused on email marketing and transactional emailing. According to the reviews, you will therefore do well not to expect a cold email marketing creation on so-called non-opt-in email addresses with Sendinblue. Once your account is created, it is checked and validated by the solution team, which also has the full right to refuse it. The ideal would then be to scrupulously respect certain essential criteria in order to avoid any suspension of account. These are:

  • A minimum opening rate that varies between 10 and 12%;
  • A maximum unsubscription rate of between 1 and 2%;
  • A complaint rate of 0.2%.
  • A hard bounce rate of 2 to 3%.

Sendinblue is a support that has several templates that are available to the user that he can discover if necessary. This support is very easy to use according to most of the reviews, and includes a drag and drop system that allows you to quickly edit your emails, which is not always the case with other software.

Sending SMS

This is the second feature to discover that Sendinblue support has offered since its launch in 2012 for effective email campaign creation. As you must guess, SMS without a doubt is the ideal complementary service to accompany the creation of emails in digital marketing. Sendinblue offers the sending of transactional or promotional SMS and it should be noted that sending SMS from the software is as easy as sending an email according to the reviews.

The cat

Here's a feature to check out, which is just as essential to accompany the software in our opinion, but is rather low profile in consideration of the veterans of the field. This is also a very easy feature to discover with this support and to use, offering you the possibility to operate settings, customizations and administration of the chat to use it with ease.


CRM on the other hand is a feature that is not yet sufficiently developed in the software. It is indeed much more like a contact manager than a real CRM. That's why Sendinblue is most often associated with CRM software. It is a feature that the user can discover and use with ease, as most of the opinions point out, precisely those who opt for the creation of companies or VSEs.

Marketing automation

The third major pillar to discover of this software is the marketing automation which is very important if we look at the number of favorable reviews it generates in the trade. The automation concept makes the solution very intuitive. It becomes very easy and above all very flexible to set up automations with the support used. Marketing automation is used, among other things, to:

  • Create a form on your website;
  • Editing a landing page;
  • Edit a call to action on your website;
  • Create and send an email or an SMS;
  • Create email templates, workflow;
  • Create a segmentation.

Price of the software

As far as prices are concerned, Sendinblue is very attractive in the trade. It offers a pricing based on the number of emails sent per month. There are several price levels available. The software offers you the creation of 9,000 emails for free, but charges you 19 € / month from 10,000 emails.

The languages ​​set up

The languages ​​set in the software are French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German.

Sarbacane software

The solution to discover here in this comparison is a design of the company Sarbacane based in the north of France precisely in Hem. She designed her software in 2001 and has perfected it over the years to make it one of the best programs you will find in the market and among the best reviews. Like the previous one, it offers several functions. First of all, emailing constitutes the very heart of the services to be discovered and offered by Sarbacane which focuses on marketing and transactional emailing. It is mainly based on the creation of emails, the templates at disposal as well as the routing support for a better deliverability. This is enough to get a lot of positive reviews.

Then, you will have to discover the function of sending SMS which ideally complements these emails in marketing. The improvement of this module allows Sarbacane to make a nice technological progress.

The chat is also the other feature to discover that it is impossible not to mention among the many features that this campaign creation software offers for your website. As in the case of the previous software, the chat function, although very useful in our opinion, is still behind the specialists in the sector already on the market. This is a service through which you benefit from chatbot, marketing notifications, satisfaction surveys, etc.

The CRM is one of the least advanced features of the software to date and is much more of a contact manager than a true CRM.

The marketing automation module also comes with the email creation software that is Sarbacane, and allows you to parameterize the automation of the sending of emails in order to improve their efficiency. In our opinion and according to many, automation offers real time savings. This software in our comparison has several features to discover, such as workflow, trigger, segmentation, reporting, landing page and tagging. Its real interest lies in the creation of an automatic personalization of messages by taking into account the interest or the opinion of the prospect, or even the behavior of the customer on your website.

To come to the price, the Sarbacane software in this comparison is part of the software for creation of campaigns functioning under a principle of subscription. Thus, you will be entitled to email credits each month, which will be carried over to the next month if not used. Sarbacane offers several prices to discover with obviously a trial period for those who wish to test, very advantageous in our opinion. Note that the minimum fee is €59 per month.

The languages ​​available in this software are French, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Dutch.

MailJet software

MailJet software is also one of the essential software that a website will need that marks its presence in this comparison. It is quite special since it focuses exceptionally on emailing. The reason for this statement is that it only offers features directly related to emailing. In other words, as opposed to the other software in this comparison, MailJet does not offer web chat, landing page generator or CRM, some limitations if we consider the current demand. It is very well known for sending newsletters and for being used by several large accounts to send mass emails.

To find out more, you should know that MailJet offers services such as email editing with drag and drop, an array of templates, the ability to customize emails, work with multiple people on the same email, design sign-up forms on your website, organize your site, segment and sort lists, not to mention A/B testing and reporting, enough to draw a lot of positive reviews.

In addition to emailing, you can discover with MailJet a service of creation and sending of transactional or promotional SMS. Marketing automation is also part of the services that this software offers for your website. With it, all the functions of a classic software that offers automation are in place including segmentation, workflow, tagging and list management. It should be noted that this is a feature perfectly mastered by the MailJet software, thanks to which the user saves a lot of time and optimizes the quality of his communications.

Speaking of price, several subscription rates per month are offered by MailJet. However, it offers 6,000 emails per month for free with a limit of 200 emails per day. It becomes paid at €7.95 per month when you exceed the 6,000 email limit and stay within the 30,000 email limit.

Finally, this software of our comparison is available in four languages ​​to discover: French, English, Spanish and German.

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Any other solution besides the ones suggested above?

The obvious answer to this question is yes. The software previously mentioned in our first comparison are just the ones mainly used. Therefore, there is not one, but several other software programs available on the web to discover in order to get more out of the clicks on your site. Here are a few that we think deserve attention.

Hubspot: a powerful software, but quite expensive in terms of marketing automation

We now take you to discover Hubspot. It is an emailing platform with many positive reviews on its performance and offers several features with email marketing and newsletter creation at the heart. Although not as popular in France as Sendinblue, Sarbacane or MailJet, many customers and reviews agree that Hubspot is an excellent alternative for those looking for a quality email marketing tool for their site. The annoying factor for the majority of the opinions remains its inaccessibility to small budgets despite the powerful features it offers.

However, the opinions remain less flattering because of the cost of the Hubspot emailing solution. It becomes even more expensive the moment you use the marketing automation features. It also offers a powerful landing page and comprehensive documentation. It is important to note that this web support is mainly available in French. Only its mobile support is in English.

The first 2,000 emails of the month are free without advanced features and the basic plan is charged at €46 per month for 1,000 contacts.

Sendgrid: an emailing software with additional charges

This is another software in this comparison that has made its way into the list of powerful email marketing tools. However, it should be noted that Sendgrid is limited in transactional emails. With this tool, you can easily create responsive emails and design simple newsletter campaigns. However, it is important to note that you pay more (API package) as soon as you use it to send transactional emails such as a purchase confirmation after an action on your site.

On the other hand, the costs of transactional emails sent through SMTP relay are already included in the basic package. Sendgrid offers an intuitive publishing platform, a comprehensive resource pack and good deliverability. Note that the platform of this solution is only available in English. Also the supports, both web and mobile, are only available in English, not at all advantageous in our opinion.

Finally, users can use the first 6,000 emails of the month for free with a target of 2,000 contacts. Pricing thereafter will depend on the number of emails sent and the number of contacts received.

WordPress: an essential tool in the world of emailing

There are many opinions that wordpress is becoming a very beneficial tool in the world of email marketing and especially for website management. It is important to specify that WordPress is not part of the above mentioned software. It is indeed a tool that offers several advantages, some of which are related to emailing. WordPress is much more prominent in website design. 1 out of 4 websites is built on the WordPress CMS, which means that it is full of resources. Indeed, this tool includes applications called extensions or plug-ins in English and we can count more than 50,000 in the WordPress database. The latter with all its advantages allows many things like the creation and sending of newsletters, CRM connections, the creation of emailing campaigns through the SMTP server for your website, etc. Basically, a real asset for your site in our opinion.

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What is the basis for the price of emailing software?

Based on all the above information, we realize that the price of an emailing solution depends on several criteria. These include the number of emails sent, the number of contacts available in the database, additional features and support. Some offer up to 10,000 emails per month. In our opinion, it would be fair to budget an average of 50 to 100 € per month if you expect to get a software with a complete package.

How to choose successfully among these emailing software?

Like in a supermarket, the choice of your software must take into account your needs and the objectives of your digital marketing strategy. It's only logical that you should ask yourself the question of how to proceed in order to make the best choice among these emailing software. It is advisable to find out and then arbitrate between the features like automation that you consider to be a priority and those that you put on the back burner for your website. If you have the opportunity, take the information or the free trial to review the software and its benefits for your site.

Is there one software that is the best of all?

The answer to this question is totally relative, because there is no such thing as a conventionally better email marketing software. Opinions differ. All you have to do is choose the one that perfectly suits your needs, your website, and your profile, whether it's emailing, cold emailing or transactional emailing. Between the importance of price, the need to automate events from your site and chat, the best email marketing software for you will be the one that will meet your expectations.

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Marketing automation according to Magileads

MagiLeads' automation solution allows you to easily create automated scenarios to send personalized messages to your leads.

With automation, you know exactly how prospects interact with your content. You collect information about their behavior. This way, you can better qualify your leads.

Finally, with the lead scoring feature, you can automate the transmission of hot leads to sales teams to initiate a first sales contact at the right time.

Email marketing is always a channel of choice in commercial prospecting. But, to remain effective, it is now necessary to gain in finesse in the creation of sequences, the content of messages and the analysis of results. Adopting an email automation solution like Magileads will help you optimize your campaigns.

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They use our email marketing tool

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