Why is content marketing essential in a business strategy?

Take advantage of the boom that digital is taking. In recent years, it has become a reflex for prospects to search for a product or service on Google at some point in their buying journey. As a result, your company must adapt an appropriate commercial approach by ensuring optimal visibility.

Your sales team doesn’t have to work alone. It must operate in perfect coherence and adequacy with your marketing team to ensure lead acquisition and customer loyalty. And content marketing is the biggest weapon your marketing team brings to your sales strategies.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing results in the creation and distribution of content that brings high added value and is intended to generate leads and convert them into customers. In other words, content marketing is composed of content that meets the needs and problems of buyers in order to arouse their interest in your brand. It’s also a good way to prove to them that you have expertise in your field of activity.

Content marketing is a time-consuming practice that requires the deployment of a good strategy. Its main objectives include:

  • Attract the prospect to come to your company’s site in the first part;
  • Encourage the prospect to commit to your brand once it arrives on your website.

Types of content marketing


Email sending is the best known and most coveted in terms of content marketing strategy. Content marketing can be presented as a sequence of courses by email or the deployment of a customer onboarding strategy.

Blog Post

Each company usually has a blog space in their website. This is where the publications of articles that deal with a specific topic, related to your area of expertise and that must be useful for your prospects.

Social Media Post

Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter…) are important channels for lead generation. The publications that are published there allow you to interact directly with your targets.


The webinar is used to communicate and exchange with your targets from live video sessions. You choose a particular theme and then discuss it with your audience live. To do this, you invite your audience to connect and watch the webinar in real time so that they can have a demo or an intervention from one of the actors of your company.

Case Study

With a case study, you offer your audience content that tells the beautiful journeys of your customers. This technique is effective in attracting the attention of buyers, because they will find content dealing with and solving a concrete case that could answer the problems they face.

White paper

A white paper, or ebook, is a downloadable e-book that is offered free of charge to your prospects. It deals with a specific theme and demonstrates the expertise of your company.


It is a letter that serves to inform your visitors, also on a specific theme. You feed your prospects with high value-added content.


Podcasts are audio content that is gaining momentum right now. They are used to communicate with your audience.


Video content is based on the same principle as webinar. The only difference is that here, the video is a recording and not a live video. This tool is easily consumable by an audience.

Computer graphics

Infographics are visual content that your audience can understand very simply. One of its advantages is that it is also easy to share.

Contests, quizzes and games

The organization of games, contests or quizzes is very useful to collect strategic information about your prospects.

The roles of content marketing

Improve your visibility

If you produce unique, useful, remarkable and above all quality content, your visibility will increase. People share and recommend to their loved ones the content that has had an impact on them. Plus, it’s a great way to stand out from the crowd and outperform your competitors.

When your content is optimized for search engines (the right keywords and impeccable quality), it can generate traffic for an indefinite period of time. Indeed, a published article does not erase or disappear.

Increase your notoriety

Publishing content that interests your prospects helps them better understand their problems. When they get answers to their questions from your content, you increase credibility with them. Thus, you become an authority in your field and an expert with your audience.

Optimize your SEO

Quality content is spotted by Google’s search engines. At best, these types of content arrive on the first page of search results before all others. A good content marketing strategy must offer this.

To determine the performance of your content, highlight these points:

  • Click-through rate
  • Number of shares
  • Time spent on a page of your site…

For a given query, if these indicators are good, you can have a more optimal SEO.

Generate and convert qualified leads

From your content, you can easily detect leads that are affected by the issues you deal with, such as the case of an ebook where the visitor must submit his email address to you to be able to access it. If they download your white paper, what they are interested in is interested in your content. He then becomes a qualified lead (a potential customer). This content will then condition it so that it sets you apart from your competition.

Exceptional content added to a product or service that meets the needs of your leads is perfect for arousing their interest and thus converting them. In addition, content marketing is ideal for nurturing.

In an era where digital is increasingly coveted, content marketing is essential to grow your business. Deploy the right strategy, offer quality and unique content and you future-proof your business.

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