How to succeed in the lead nurturing strategy in 5 steps?

Digital marketing has become one of the pillars for the development of a business. In the field of commercial prospecting, the inbound marketing strategy is one of the methods adopted by many B2B and B2C companies to find customers and conclude sales with them.

For the majority of cases, a very small percentage of your inbound leads are likely to make it to an immediate purchase, while around 90% of these prospects will have to go through a maturation phase.

This is where the lead nurturing strategy comes in. 50% more sales are made by companies that perfectly craft the art of lead nurturing. In addition, the strategy is carried out with a significantly lower cost, up to 33% reduction. However, to implement it, insightful techniques must be implemented during your lead nurturing campaign.

Focus on targeted content

Companies continually concoct the right methods to maximize sales opportunities. A lead nurturing technique will not be effective if your content is all uniform. On the contrary, you have to vary and adapt your content according to the target prospects.

Targeted content improves the prospect maturation phase and increases the probability of selling by 20%. Your inbound marketing strategy will be much more effective and more efficient. According to studies, sending targeted content is one of the biggest challenges for 33% of B2B companies during the execution of their lead nurturing campaigns.

Once you have defined your typical persona using various behaviors of prospects and according to your criteria, you can use a marketing automation platform to have access to a large database. This will allow you to better identify, target and segment your typical profiles.

Personalize emails

Email marketing automation, or executed by the company’s sales representatives, remains the most popular and most used of all B2B and B2C sales prospecting techniques. If you’re used to sending mass emails, it’s time to rectify that. Research has proven that the best results are obtained from personalized emails. These allow you to obtain an increase in your profits of 6 times.

To optimally perform email marketing, you need to combine these different elements, including:

  • The personalization of your emails according to the behaviors of your prospects;
  • Content should be explicit and offer the right marketing message;
  • Emails must match the right targets;
  • Shipments must be executed at the most convenient time.

Also, emails will be sent to your targets when they click on the link of the email, they have passed in one or more of your web pages, they present a high engagement or a more pronounced interest in relation to your brand.

Opt for multichannel

Previously, we only sent emails to prospects. However, the open rate of emails did not seem to matter. Indeed, only 20% of emails are opened by the list of prospects that receives them, and 79% of these leads will not be converted either.

Thus, to deal with this situation, the search for an innovative technique has been the main concerns of many marketers. The strategy of multichannel lead nurturing then emerged. Since then, the combination of several dissemination media has been adopted by most of them.

Thus, for more efficiency, companies use CRMs, use B2B or B2C emailing campaigns , exploit social networks, dispense with paid retargeting, etc. In other words, one of the keys to the success of your lead nurturing strategy is to rely on know-how by combining all the distribution channels that exist to reach more prospects.

Multiply points of contact

When a lead becomes a confirmed customer, they have gone through at least ten touchpoints after entering the peak of your inbound marketing funnel. Thus, creating more touchpoints tends to make your lead nurturing strategy optimal.

The goal is to offer prospects a progression, a dynamization and an evolution of their buying cycle. These touchpoints can be created at the level of different digital media such as blog articles, white papers, SMS, social networks, etc.

Establish timely follow-up

After implementing your lead nurturing strategy, it is now necessary to highlight the follow-up process. For a prospect to take the plunge and become a customer, the chance multiplies by 21 times if you start following up, only 5 minutes after his conversion on your company’s website.

On the one hand, when you automate your campaign, you get a large marketing database. On the other hand, emails and follow-up calls are an effective way for more qualified sales opportunities.

The lead nurturing strategy probably allows a maximum maturation rate for your inbound marketing campaign. You just have to adopt the best approaches for your strategy and use the right media and content. Also, don’t forget to consider the time factor, because when you approach your prospects at the right time, you’ll have a better chance of increasing your sales opportunities.

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