How to optimize your visibility on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social network like Facebook and Twitter. It welcomes sales companies to enable them to implement their marketing strategies. At present, it has more than 500 million subscribers ranging from simple workers to large entrepreneurs.

This high number of members is undoubtedly one of the factors motivating sellers of services or products to opt for this network. They seek to be visible to prospects like multinationals, small and medium-sized enterprises. To improve the visibility of your institution and attract more customers, the following tips are for interested parties.

Have a good profile

Presenting an eye-catching profile is the crucial step to getting more visitors on LinkedIn. In this case, it is important to take care of the form and substance.

Illustrate your page with photos

Photos are the first visuals seen by subscribers. Thus, their choice must be well thought out because any marketing strategy starts with the form.

To embellish its page, LinkedIn requires two photos: the one of the profile and the one of the cover. As the cover photo takes up more space, a spirit of creativity is required. The objective is to be able to illustrate its products. As for the profile picture, it is also to be highlighted because it is what users see first.

Detail your information

After taking care of the form, you have to focus on the substance. Several topics relate to company information. The slogan, for example, must be catchy and related to services. It reflects the personality and professionalism of the institution.

The other information provided presents the performance of the organization and allows network members to know what to expect. This way, these subscribers will see the different services directly on the page. In addition, the reader may recommend it to interested parties not yet aware.

Expand your circle of subscribers

As the visibility of the page depends on the number of followers, making requests to several members of the platform is essential.

The first network of followers on LinkedIn naturally includes friends, colleagues, family or others. Yet, as a sales company, it needs to expand its audience. The goal is to reach the maximum number of
to make his page accessible to all.

Investigating members

The best way to find customers is through surveys. Since multinationals and SMEs are the main targets, you must first consult their page. This operation makes it possible to determine who does what and to establish an organizational chart. In addition, it will be easier to know the person or persons to consult within a company.

Search members by keyword

LinkedIn has a tool to filter searches on followers. The manager of the page can focus on their geographical location, their center of interest or other codes necessary for the sale of the product. In this way, the targets will be listed and it will only remain to contact them. It is also possible to save searches that are updated weekly.

Stay active on the network

The LinkedIn page must always be updated to ensure the frequency of visits and allow the page to appear in news feeds.

Have a public profile

When setting up the page, it must be ensured that everyone can access it provided they are subscribed. In this case, the targets are limited in number.

Animate and humanize the page

A page is more attractive when readers find it animated. As a result, its administrator must update the publications and articles of association as often as possible.

Dialogue and sharing articles also give targets insight into the cultural values and interests of the page. Surprised and curious, they would always want to consult it to see what’s new.

Avoid spontaneous starts

The page manager must get in touch with the targets in order to optimize the sale. But he must find a way to start the discussion to avoid a spontaneous start.

Thus, he would do better to consult the page of the subject, to see his profile and his activities. To break the ice, he can use the phrase « I saw your profile, and I see that… » ». This is the ideal procedure.

This has two advantages. On the one hand, it shows a certain common interest between the two interlocutors. On the other hand, it personalizes the sales method in a more concerned way.

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