How to optimize your company’s website to generate more leads?

In digital marketing, a website is an effective tool for generating leads. On the other hand, if it is poorly exploited, your chances of generating leads or closing sales are slim or in the worst cases, it can even damage your brand reputation. But how do you do it then? All the teams that manage your site (marketing team and developers) must adopt a more strategic and effective approach, which we will give you an outline in this article.

Establish an inventory

You can’t change your strategy if you don’t know where the flaws in your current approach are. You must then make a current inventory to better understand and apprehend things. To be able to measure the impact and success of your current strategy, use the tools that are used to evaluate the different sources you were using to generate leads. Look at the number of clicks, downloads, visits… on your site.

Another simple way to do things is to compare the pages of your website, but not just any page. Instead, target 2 distinct categories of your landing pages. One should be a page with a high visitor-to-lead conversion rate. The other will be a page with a low conversion rate. For example, your page A received 500 visits and 5 of them filled out your form and as a result become leads. This page then has a conversion rate of 1%. Your page B, meanwhile, also has 500 visits and 25 of them subscribed to the form, which gives a conversion rate of 5%, better than page A. Now that you have the statistics in hand, analyze the differences between the two pages. Then, edit and enhance page A based on that.

Work well on all the steps of your conversion funnel

A simple visitor is not yet considered an acquired lead. This visitor has to go through a few steps before becoming your lead. Generally, the path to converting the visitor to a lead on your website consists of three steps.

Call-to-actions (CTA)

At the level of a website, CTAs or call-to-action buttons play a major role in the lead generation process, but also in converting leads into customers. To optimize your CTAs in the conversion process, you must positively surprise the visitor. Using contrast effects is often effective, such as opting for a color that contrasts with the one used on your site. You can also use attractive images to capture the visitor’s attention so that they want to continue their visit.

Offer each prospect a unique experience by offering them personalized, dynamic and interesting content. Your CTAs need to stand out from standard CTAs to attract more attention and thus achieve a better conversion rate. One study found that personalized CTAs generate a 42% high conversion rate compared to standard CTAs.

The landing page

Once the visitor has been seduced by your call-to-action, they now land on your landing page. This is where you will get more information about it. The latter becomes a lead by filling out your form. It is advisable to have multiple landing pages. A business with 30 landing pages converts more visitors (up to 7 times more) than one with only 5.

The thank you page

When the form is completed, your visitor turned lead must again land on another page which is that of thanks. This page should not be overlooked, as you will be including an equally important continuation of the process. In addition to thanks, you can now add a link containing your real offer or buttons to share content on social media.

Follow-up emails

Among the information you have collected from your form is the prospect’s email address. Send them a follow-up email to encourage them now to engage more with your brand.

Nurture your leads

Now that the visitor has become your lead, they can do without time before they become a customer. Develop an effective lead nurturing strategy to accelerate the maturation process.

Improve the SEO of your website

All previous actions will only be in vain if your potential visitors do not even find your site’s publications in search results.. Visibility is paramount. To do this, SEO is one of the main ways to achieve this.

Adopt the right keywords

The choice of keywords is essential for your SEO. Use the words your prospects type on the search engine. You have to put yourself in their shoes.

Try to integrate your keywords into your tags

Your content has many strategic points in which your keywords should appear. You must insert them in the URL of the page as well as in all the tags (title, meta description, Hn) of your content to optimize your visibility.

Adapt your website to mobile devices

Your potential customers browse the web with different media. To improve your visibility and access to your website, you need to optimize your site so that it can be mobile-friendly without causing problems for visitors.

The visitor-to-lead conversion process is just one step in your sales cycle. Be strategic! Your website must continually evolve to acquire new leads. With the right techniques, make it your biggest lead generator.

Your website is your business asset because it is the best lead generator. However, a good strategic approach must be adopted so that the process is done in the best conditions to ensure a better conversion rate.

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