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How to boost your LinkedIn publications in 2022?

Need tips to encourage engagement on your LinkedIn posts ? Even if the LinkedIn algorithm dictates its law, the game is worth the effort. The fact is that this network currently has 810 million subscribers around the world, including 840,000 companies .

A LinkedIn marketing campaign is normally made up of a series of publications scheduled over time. messages or offbeat images often create a buzz effect , generating a significant number of views from the first publication. Here are some tips to help you stand out and accumulate as many reactions , comments and shares on LinkedIn.

Create buzz by causing controversy

If you think that creating your first post on LinkedIn is a big challenge, you are right. Choosing the subject, the format of your text, the images, the time and date of publication is not always easy. You may even think you are not up to the task and abandon your project. But rest assured, posting on LinkedIn is not at all an insurmountable task.

Start with an engaged post. The goal is to shock or launch a critical debate on a subject. Do not hesitate to address sensitive themes . For example, you can refute or question a famous and commonly accepted quote. This type of post has every chance of creating buzz on LinkedIn . Trying to be right by contradicting preconceived ideas will always provoke reactions . Note that creating an exhilarating atmosphere encourages engagement .

This advice is more suited to LinkedIn experts than the layman. The first, who must publish regularly , need to attract an audience and therefore create buzz . The latter, who test the platform and its potential, will not necessarily know how to manage a publication that has gone viral .

Develop a series of posts to keep making noise

Attracting attention through a publication is already a very good thing. But the buzz effect quickly burns out , because Internet users quickly move on. It is therefore necessary to stir it up through a series of shocking publications . Consistent and regular posts are the secret to an effective marketing campaign .

This sustained communication will keep your readers in suspense and get them used to your presence. Try to stay within the same theme, but change your approach. For example, you can create a wow effect through a poignant testimony or by disclosing unexpected information. This kind of message creates surprise and arouses admiration. Your readers will start to like you thanks to this kind of content .

This also allows the platform to clearly identify your core target and allows the algorithm to give you more relevant recommendations . Based on what you post, LinkedIn will analyze the profiles of subscribers most likely to be interested in your posts. Its algorithms will show them in priority to the members who will react the most. Additionally, collecting views and feedback continuously will help you position yourself well on the platform .

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Share the killer photo!

You may be faced with a difficult choice when it comes to adding media to illustrate your post . You are probably wondering whether to post a photo or a video. Video remains the best medium for setting up a scenario. However, preparing a script and then hiring actors is a time-consuming process.

An original and captivating photo will allow you to increase your productivity. It must be consistent with your article and itself convey a strong message to make your subscribers want to share it . Before publishing it, check if its dimensions are suitable for a LinkedI n publication . Next, make sure the file is no larger than 500 KB.

Tag people and add hashtags

Now you know how impactful LinkedIn post capable of generating many likes and comments . Boost your publication with some communication codes specific to social networks .

Insert hashtags into your sentences. Users do not need to be among your followers to find your content using hashtags. They help followers find your post when they search for topics related to the keywords you tagged. Many marketers position themselves on the most popular hashtags .

Then, identify subscribers using the @ followed by the username. This person will be notified as soon as your publication is posted online . This technique will allow you to collect a maximum of likes in a short time. Target the most active followers in your previous posts. It seems that the quicker you get likes, shares, and comments , the more LinkedIn promotes your post.

LinkedIn is a network that loves engagement

LinkedIn makes regular updates to its terms of use . You have certainly already noticed that the platform is constantly evolving . Since 2021, LinkedIn has added certain features that allow you to better position your publications .

The goal of a post on LinkedIn is to increase your visibility . Quality content builds your brand awareness. This notoriety creates commitment to your offers. A marketing strategy on LinkedIn revolves around two key objectives: promotion and engagement .

If you haven't yet achieved these goals, rethink your LinkedIn marketing strategy . Find a way to grow your audience . If you already have traffic, but little income, encourage more engagement on your content using the previous LinkedIn tips.


Now you know how to make a LinkedIn post go viral and how to gain engagement on the platform. Try to collect more than 400 views on a post to effectively influence your audience . So, write a text and post your first ad on LinkedIn. Up to you !

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