5 formidable copywriting techniques to multiply your conversion rate

5 great copywriting techniques to multiply your conversion rate

The following copywriting techniques come from copywriting expert Bond Halbert and his book “The Halbert Copywriting Method Part III”. These 5 proven methods will enhance your power of persuasion.

1. Make the text easy to read

One of the goals of copywriting is to get your prospects to read every word of your ad, email, or social media post. However, if you write a 500-word email split into two large paragraphs with little to no formatting, it becomes difficult to read . And if it does, most people won't read it.

The author refers to a concept he calls “providing eye relief.” » For him, “without it, you will lose all those who do not have OCD”. Make the text exciting and easy to look at rather than something boring and long.

The reader should not think that he is reading. The idea is to make him so captivated by your content that he doesn't realize what he's doing until he's already picked up the phone to call you.

2. Write as if your prospect is in a hurry to leave

Everyone is busy and in a hurry. Therefore, according to Bond, " once readers think they know everything they need to know, they start looking for a good place to stop reading" or listening.

This is why the author recommends writing (or talking) as if your reader needs to pee . This will help you eliminate any nonsense that won't keep your prospect interested or distracting them from your message.

“Every word must deserve its place. »

3. Clean up your content

Don't make paragraphs too long, complicated sentences, or words that are too heavy. Instead of using words like “advantageous,” for example, use simpler words like “useful .” » As soon as you use a word that someone doesn't understand or is difficult to read, they may zap your content.

You also need to make your text exciting and filled with enthusiasm .

“Give readers the same level of emphasis in print as when you talk to them. »

This energy will be transferred to the reader and influence them towards the purpose of your message . Keep the enthusiasm going by keeping your paragraphs short. Long paragraphs tend to take longer to add value. The longer it takes to deliver your message, the less people will react .

4. Create fear of not knowing

As soon as the player receives a file, it starts looking for a place to stop reading or listening . In the author's words, “they will continue to read if they think there might be information coming that will make their lives better. »

In copywriting, it's important to make sure the prospect never gets a chance to walk out of the conversation . They must feel like they can't stop reading or paying attention for fear of missing out on something that will benefit them.

“Never give them the opportunity to feel safe if they stop reading. »

For example, mention the benefits of listening or reading more , before revealing what you offer them. This will make it more likely that your prospect will be hooked until the end .

5. Be empathetic

You need to understand what your prospects want most and why in order to be persuaded. According to the expert, “great copywriters understand people” . Effective writers and prospectors are those who know what attracts and repels prospects . It will therefore be necessary to choose the words carefully,

For example, the words “teach” and “learn” sound like work. These are words that people secretly hate. Ordinary people don't want to read something that needs to be taught to them. These words can seem unappetizing and make prospects lose interest .

“We humans prefer simple tasks to learn professional techniques and we prefer to have a quick fix than a plan of attack. »

Engage your prospect with engaging content rather than pushing them away with a seemingly difficult process. For example, the phrase “ let me tell you a secret…” is preferable to “I’ll teach you how…”.

“You want the reader to be so caught up in reading that they forget everything that's going on around them. »

Now that you know what persuasive content is and know six new ways to immediately increase your results, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and put these tips to the test! You will be satisfied with your results.

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