Do you know the essential tools for digital prospecting?

One of the stages of marketing is prospecting. Prospecting is about looking for customers and encouraging them to buy your products or services. Traditionally, it is the advertisements and salespeople who take care of this part. Only, time changes and prospects evolve too. Technology has taken a very important place in everyday life. This is precisely where digital prospecting comes into play. It uses websites and new technologies to achieve its ultimate goal. Indeed, it is a way to attract readers to become customers. So what are the tools to achieve this?

Build your own website in an appropriate way

Before the existence of any other platform, websites ruled. They still exist. Indeed, it is a non-negligible tool to make your company known.

Properly structure your website

A website is first and foremost a digital showcase of your brand. In addition, it must give a beautiful image of your company. You must present your activities and skills. It is necessary to arouse the interest of your prospect to buy from you through your site. As a result, the latter must be pleasant to see and easy to navigate. Readability and attractiveness are your main goals when designing it. Make sure to capture the attention of your customers. Illustrate with images and videos. Even create forums for more interaction between you and customers. Therefore, opt for easy-to-use software to design it like WordPress, Jomla, Drupal etc. Otherwise, do not hesitate to call on professionals for an optimal and personalized result.

Choose SEO

However, for your site to be as visible as possible, it must be SEO oriented. Concretely, this consists of positioning your page among the first results on search engines. Internet users prefer what jumps out at them. The easy way out and the reason for least effort are the main behaviors of consumers. This technique is based on factors related to your site itself. Also, it’s about the structure and quality of your platform. The keywords included in your texts and your content are the direct responsible.

Embed a blog on your site

The presence of a blog increases your visibility in search. It also allows you to assert your professionalism and popularity. The blog may be for informational or promotional purposes. You can also link news to your products and customer needs. Always attract your readers to your services. Emails and social media can help you get your blog out. Nevertheless, you need articles that are easy to read and attractive. Terms should be simple and easy to understand, not too technical. Your target must want access to the content at all costs.

Be visible on social networks

Since their existence, half of the planet has been connected to all kinds of social networks. You have to go where the customer is. It is the main hunting ground nowadays.

Inform prospects about your products

In these platforms, you can have your personal account or your company account. Do as you please. Via these profiles, show the image of your company, present it effectively. Encourage people to follow you on all networks. Highlight your products. It is not enough to publish a single publication. You have to start over just as often, but always in different ways. Thus, to make your cosmetic product known for example, write an informative text with the image of your product. Then make a demonstrative video. You will see that you will get interested very quickly.

Communicate and interact with your prospects

Knowing is good, but discussing it is even better. Indeed, followers will want to ask questions, tease or learn more. Messaging and comments have been created for this purpose. Always answer every question, serious or not, in a professional manner. It is through your way of reacting that the customer will be conquered. If he manages to be convinced, you can then direct him to your site or directly to buy. Online shops should be designed to facilitate purchase.

Organize games and promotions

What attracts the Internet user the most is to receive products for free. Yes, people like what is free. To do so and to increase your visibility, organize shares of your offer. Also, have other people mentioned in this share. Your account or page will be boosted and visited by many audiences. It is a way to make your products and services known. By giving a small gift, you will receive countless new consumers in return. Always make sure your profile and posts are public.

Don’t forget emailing

It is true that many are on the network, but other people have still chosen to be on the sidelines. Instead, they prefer email. It’s more discreet, but just as effective.

This involves sending emails to individuals or companies who will want to benefit from your services. These messages can be informative, promotional or relational. For the first 2 categories, you talk about your company and your offers. As with websites and social networks, you need to be both brief and attractive. You need to be both professional and approachable to readers. They will then answer you or not depending on their interest. For the third type, you come back to ask for his opinion on the services offered. From there, you will be able to know the continuity of your collaboration.

It has to be said that technology is driving small and medium-sized businesses forward. The customer is becoming more accessible thanks to technological advances. Traditional prospecting is abandoned in favor of digital prospecting. This is easier and more cost-effective. Indeed, you no longer have to move. Yet your reach is maximum, even global.

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