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Business Case Magileads x Lundi Matin
This Business Case from the latest edition of the BtoB Summit documents the collaboration between Lundi Matin, publisher of a software for digitizing points of sale, and Magileads, a unified digital prospecting and « omnichannel » platform. BtoB Leaders invites you to come back to this presentation that explores the challenges of acquisition and loyalty in B2B.

Magileads x Monday Morning in a few words

Lundi Matin is a Montpellier company created in 2007 that offers software for digitizing points of sale to allow retailers (ready-to-wear, food shops, etc.) to optimize the customer journey. The company, which now has about fifty employees, recently completed a round of 5 million euros. Lundi Matin was represented by Loïc Bavencoff, Marketing and Sales Director.

Magileads is the first unified digital prospecting and « omnichannel » platform that feeds Sales with qualified prospects. The company founded in 2017 offers a nominative database of 15 million B2B contacts, tools for automating email campaigns, LinkedIn, retargeting, SMS and VMS, real-time analysis and visualization of prospect engagement by level of interaction, etc.

Magileads was represented by Christian Martineau, Head of Global Account & Channel EMEA.

#1 Initial situation: how did Monday Morning find its prospects?

Monday Morning had a team of sales and sales assistants.  » Our sales representatives worked with a good CRM, but an empty CRM, with more or less up-to-date information and the sales turnover that we all know , » concedes Loïc Bavencoff. The commercial effort was then essentially manual, without « omnichannel » tools, based on Cold Calling with a poorly populated database.  » It’s necessarily hard and painful, both for the salesperson and the interlocutor, often with low conversion rates . »

Based on this observation of lack of tools, quality data and long-term strategy, Lundi Matin decided to get closer to an expert capable of supporting the company and making it grow. « We needed a team that was expert in acquisition and loyalty, attentive to our history and our ambitions, that was proactive and contradictory in relation to our convictions, that could provide us with Data and that had multichannel expertise. « , explains the Marketing and Sales Director of Lundi Matin.

Magileads ticked all these boxes, with the addition of a notion of proximity and advice.

#2 The Monday Morning x Magileads collaboration

 » We first decided to stop being ‘Swiss Army knife’ to specialize . » Loïc Bavencoff has set up a structured team with sales representatives organized by company size or business segment. He also appointed partner managers to target the right partners and convert them. Finally, he set up a Customer Success service to retain and ensure upselling.  » Because the company has a global approach to the customer, Magileads has brought us a lot on this structuring , » explains Loïc Bavencoff. This organization has also made it possible to define the responsibilities of each.

  • Magileads had a strategic support responsibility;
  • Magileads allows Lundi Matin to launch email campaigns, phone campaigns, SMS, voicemail, etc.
  • Magileads allows an « omnichannel » approach. « We can start a start with LinkedIn, follow up with a more personalized approach by email based on feedback on LinkedIn, etc. »
  • Magileads and Lundi Matin are engaged in a Test & Learn approach. « For example, this allowed us to launch voicemail campaigns when we were relatively reluctant to do so. It turned out that this type of campaign works very well on TPE targetsLoïc Bavencoff continues.
  • Magileads is often invited to the Monday Morning Management Committee  » to promote good practices in acquisition and loyalty« .

#3 What results?

The first result cited by Loïc Bavencoff concerns the collaborative mindset brought by this experience.  » We now work in multi-teams with a great transversality , » he explained. Then, Magileads gave Monday Morning the means to test new approaches to measure the relevance of each approach and streamline decision-making.

More specifically, on 24,000 SME targets identified (previously determined through a defined Personae), Monday Morning obtained 132 positive responses previously defined by Magileads’ artificial intelligence engine with an appointment rate of 67 % and 22 sales (25% conversion) over a 6-month period.

 » With this layer of ‘verbatim’ and behavioral intelligence, we can put the identified lead in the hands of the salesperson as quickly as possible , » explains Loïc Bavencoff. And Christian Martineau adds:  » We have created paths that mix email, LinkedIn, SMS and VMS with the possibility of switching from one channel to another, which has generated positive responses in a significant way . »

#4 What are the prospects?

Lundi Matin wishes to go further in this collaboration.  » We want to work with Magileads with a stronger focus on key accounts , » says Loïc Bavencoff. It’s also about working on new channels, fine-tuning rebounds to be more efficient at conversion and going faster.  » We will be able to set up customer surveys, invitations to events and customer base loyalty to go even further , » concludes Christian Martineau.

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