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Using WhatsApp Business to succeed in your customer relationship

WhatsApp is a response of professionals to the change in customers’ purchasing behavior. Easy to use and easily accessible, the instant messaging application is one of the most used by professionals, accounting for 21% of its users.

This application has two versions, for two distinct functions. The first is intended to be used in the private and family sphere, to stay in touch. The second version was designed following the growing popularity of classic WhatsApp. The functions of this first version have been changed to professional functions on WhatsApp Business. Created in 2018, WhatsApp Business is undoubtedly a boon for companies, to establish a privileged relationship with its customers.

WhatsApp: what is it?

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application, which works using a wifi or 4G connection. This is a very interesting channel for marketing experts, to establish a meaningful connection with prospects. Indeed, it has an exceptional engagement rate. 98 % of messages sent through this channel are read, 90% of which are read within 3 seconds of receipt.

Because the app is accessible from a smartphone, contact with the customer becomes easier and more customizable. The immediacy of contact is both an opportunity and a challenge: not to make mistakes. In this context, to ensure an optimized customer relationship, companies must train their teams so that they are ready to offer a high value-added service. The idea is to manage customer expectations quickly and efficiently by adopting automated messages and adopting a good way of working. The service allows you to combine different channels in order to let the customer choose. Professionals can use an up-to-date CRM to place cases in their context. This makes it possible to streamline the work for both the teams and the client.

What are the benefits of using WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business being a modern communication system, it ensures a certain credibility to your business. In addition, the application is a real business card. It allows you to present all the useful information about your company: descriptions, addresses, website, product catalog (with the possibility of direct purchase), slogan, and even greeting.

Its message automation system allows, on the one hand, to unclog the customer relationship service, and on the other hand to satisfy your customers with better communication. Indeed, the functions of WhatsApp Business give the possibility to create several segmented mailing lists, with an exceptional derivability and opening rate. Indeed, among its functions, the application assigns statistics on messages sent, received and read.

To succeed in customer relations, the first thing is to adapt to the way prospects communicate to be closer to them. With more than 1.6 billion users in 180 countries, many companies consider WhatsApp an essential part of their marketing, loyalty, and customer service strategies.

Tips to improve your customer relationship with WhatsApp

Prioritize the customer experience

Faced with demanding and busy consumers, companies must provide meaningful answers to improve the customer experience. WhatsApp Business is a modern tool that goes in this direction, and that can serve as an effective point of contact to accompany the customer throughout his purchase journey.

Before the purchase, WhatsApp Business establishes a close relationship with the customer. By being very responsive to answering questions and objections, you ensure satisfaction and therefore improve your customer relationship. You can also call on experts to advise your customers remotely.

Your business will be able to go through WhatsApp Business to facilitate the customer’s purchases, giving the possibility to place an order directly, inquire about the status of their orders, store and access receipts via the application. For example, KLM sends its customers their boarding passes, receipts, bank statements and flight information in real time via WhatsApp.

Sales is not the end point in an effective marketing strategy. Customer loyalty is also a major issue for companies. Also, to strengthen your after-sales customer relationship, WhatsApp Business is a real opportunity. By providing additional information and offering high value-added and impactful services, you reduce the number of subscribers lost.

Innovating the way we communicate

WhatsApp Business’ features do not allow ads, so this is an opportunity to innovate the way of communicating. You have to be imaginative and creative. Many brands and companies have managed to get around the problem by offering animations, exclusive offers, contests, referral campaigns or challenges that involve users.

Federate a community around a relevant topic

WhatsApp Business allows you to create chat groups with your customers, according to their profiles or needs. A group can bring together a maximum of 256 people. This bond of proximity and this membership in a community involve exchanges, which contribute to generating positive feedback for your company. These reviews will allow you to evaluate your products and make the necessary corrections.

Produce relevant and useful content

It should be noted that in the age of digitalization, the consumer becomes a particularly popular target. Lots of companies want to get their attention, converse with them and solve their problems. Therefore, WhatsApp must not become a source of unwanted content, with untimely solicitations. You need relevant content that helps users move forward with concrete solutions. You can rely on videos, blog posts, white papers, etc.

The WhatsApp Business app gives the opportunity to establish a real connection with your customers. However, since the consumer is particularly prized, you must use it wisely and creatively.

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