The fundamentals of marketing automation

Marketing and sales departments within a company must be consistent in terms of collaboration before adopting marketing automation techniques.

Do you want to capture critical information about your potential customers, generate new business opportunities at all times, maintain customer relationships, analyze and calculate ROI, optimize actions, and align marketing campaigns with sales goals? The following points can help you succeed in marketing automation.

Points of friction

By definition, a sticking point is an online situation or action that deteriorates the user experience, jeopardizes a conversion, and slows down the customer journey.

Identifying friction points should be a priority, as these are the elements that hinder the return on investment. Before investing in marketing automation software, they must be identified and solved.

As a result, marketing, sales and other customer-related services are to be questioned.

In addition, it should be noted that the good distribution of sectors or areas of activity of sales representatives effectively ensures automation.


A persona represents the typical portrait of customers or prospects. To be effective, it is very important to obtain as many details as possible about your typical customer. It is in this condition that one can take full advantage of message automation.

The strategy of marketing automation is to be able to send the right message to the right person at the right time. In other words, it is about sending automatic emails with high added value that correspond to the expectations of customers during their purchase reflection.

The challenge here is to automate tasks with lower added value, and generate return on investment.

Marketing / Sales alignment

The success of strategies depends on collaboration and coordination between marketing and sales.

The marketing teams are responsible for monitoring lead generation KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) while sales teams are responsible for KBIs (Key Business Indicators), i.e. sales and the achievement of turnover.

Marketing automation is not effective without the joint development between these two teams in order to define a good lead. To do this, it must also be done with the appropriate tools.


A marketing automation tool needs content to feed itself.

This marketing strategy concerns the creation and dissemination of media messages by a brand in order to develop the activity of a company. This means of communication can be in the form of news, videos, e-book, questions and answers, forums, photos, blogs.

The success of the marketing automation strategy depends on the relevance of the communication. You have to send the right message to the right person at the right time. It is therefore imperative to create content with high added value for leads.

It should be noted that the expectation of a lead is different each time throughout his purchase reflection whether at the beginning, in the middle or at the end.

Conversion tunnels

The conversion funnel or also called « prospecting funnel » is a modeling of the different stages that prospects go through until the conclusion of purchase.

Simply put, the conversion funnel is the business process between the first contact and the act of purchase.

This tool makes it possible to measure the effectiveness of the different stages in commerce and to react according to rates that do not correspond to the expectations of the company.

It is in this case essential to have conversion tunnels on your website.

Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing

Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing are the two key features of Marketing Automation.

Score leading is the calculation and assignment of scores to leads. Scoring can be done, for example, on lead characteristics such as industry, company size or responsibility. But it can also be done from online behaviors. In other cases, negative scoring is also practiced.

The Lead Scoring is carried out directly from the Persona sheet worked later.

In order to bring leads to maturity, it is necessary to call on Lead Nurturing.

Lead Nurturing makes it possible to qualify leads and guide them to the end of the conversion funnel, which is none other than the conclusion of purchase.

Thus, this feature makes it possible to maintain a relationship of trust between the leads and the company’s brand. In addition, it involves sending automatic emails to leads based on their lead scoring and their behaviors on the company’s website, social networks or other means of communication.

In conclusion, it is essential to be trained in these two types of inseparable practices.


Marketing reporting is the monitoring of a campaign’s performance. This web tool makes it possible to measure in real time the evolution of this campaign in order to optimize it.

The main data to analyze for a report can be the number of visits to evaluate the generation of traffic, the time of visits to the website, the origin of the traffic, the bounce rate to encourage visitors to spend more time, the conversion rate.

The effectiveness of reporting lies in the relevance of analyses in order to reduce reaction time. In this case, it is necessary to work in real time on the reports adapted to its objectives and context.

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