The importance of digital sponsorship in the promotion of a brand

The importance of digital sponsorship in the promotion of a brand

The presence of a brand on the internet should never be its purpose. Indeed, faced with increasingly tough competition in the various sectors of activity, it is important to stand out with products promoted correctly. This is where digital sponsorship makes sense. This advertising technique consists of is more or less similar to sponsorship. Here, the ad will be available on the chosen platform for a fixed period of time. It will not appear in real time, depending on the data collected on users.

The development of a digital sponsorship strategy

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Understanding a sponsor’s goals

It is impossible to increase its visibility if you do not know the objectives of a sponsor. Is he trying to increase sales? To improve its image with CSR? To launch a new product? Increase their social media followers? Improve their SEO? The objectives relate to the details of a digital campaign and ensure that the tactics and channels used will work synergistically.

Propose the right target audience to the sponsor

It is not possible to use digital sponsorship without a clear understanding of your audience. A brand sells, in essence, an audience. It is therefore essential to define what is proposed. The audience a sponsor can reach should be specific and segmented. Concretely, it will be necessary to reach the right individuals on the basis of the most significant variables for the sponsor. The more information you have about the target, the more valuable it will be to the sponsor.

Set a sponsorship budget

Sponsors must commit to a project that can be costly. By adding value to the various digital activations offered, they will be able to stay within their budget, knowing that the brand cares about their financial concerns. When combining their goals with a brand proposition, it will be easier to get the best possible return on investment.

Channels to target for digital sponsorship

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Be present on social networks

More than 51% of the world’s population goes online on social media every day, making more than 4 billion active users. Digital channels actually make it possible to reach as many people as possible. This is made possible thanks to sports, music, film and many other content. This is an interesting field for digital sponsorship.

Unlike 20 years ago, having a computer connected to the internet at home is now ordinary. In addition, at the beginning of 2020, we had 5 billion mobile users worldwide. That’s 67% of the global population with an H24 smartphone in their pocket. The personalization of our individual needs. Advertisements can be made on multiple networks. It will be necessary to take into account its target for this. If the target audience is generic is broad enough, Facebook may suffice. On the other hand, if young people are the main target, Snapchat and TikTok show themselves as better alternatives.

In practice, each page will highlight a brand through advertising banners and/or mentions on publications.

Use influencers

The concept of influencers seems recent, whereas in 1940, Paul Lazarsfeld (an American sociologist) had already advanced it in his work « The People’s choice ». According to him, it is enough for a character loved by the people to appear with a candidate in an election, and the masses will follow the trend. Today, these web stars are paid by several companies.

Their advantage is precisely their notoriety. These individuals have an important influence on their community. Their promotion serves as gospel word to their fans. They can easily persuade them about the suitability of a good or service.

These individuals usually promote a brand or product on their page (in the form of video, photos, or posts) for a fee. Remuneration may be cash, but also in kind. Indeed, brands can, for example, give their products as gifts.

Leverage contests

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Digital contests can be used to increase brand awareness, entice people to try products, collect email addresses, and boost social media engagement. Sponsors can choose how they participate, whether it is the mere presence of a logo or the presentation of valuable prizes.

Contests encourage sharing, which can increase a brand’s reach. For example, if you are simply looking to expand your mailing list, simply ask participants to provide their email address. On the other hand, if the goal is to increase the number of subscribers and promote engagement, it is possible to request shares.

Enjoying charities

By leaving the world of appearance and ephemeral, digital sponsorship can also drastically improve the image of a brand. Here, the objective is to give a human dimension to the activities of a company. In addition, promoting on a digital medium increases the reach of sponsorship.

For example, it is possible to dress a group of poor children who will sing on the networks., By displaying the logo of a brand with this promotion technique, it will be much easier to oppose the merits of the brand’s actions. This can be likened to patronage. But in reality, the brand name is highlighted without signing a contract.

Finally, digital sponsorship is essential to succeed in surviving in the jungle that is the web today. The presence on the right channels ensures optimal coverage of the target. Yes! It’s not just about being present on all platforms on the internet . Only those that achieve its objectives are useful. It will then be necessary to set these objectives.

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