Digital marketing: on which social networks to position yourself in 2022?

Digital marketing: on which social networks to position yourself in 2022?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others offer interesting content and features. This pushes Internet users to exploit them more and more. In addition, social networks are also emerging as powerful weapons in digital marketing. The fact is that a large part of the population is present on these channels. These users check news feeds frequently, if not every day. This allows companies to optimize their communication strategy.

However, not all social networks are created equal. Indeed, each of them has its specificities and strengths. Therefore, it is important to choose which one to develop your influence on in the long term. Before making a decision, a very important criterion to consider is the profile of the target audience.

Meta (Facebook), a social network for everyone

Digital marketing: on which social networks to position yourself in 2022? 1

Meta is a reference in the field of social media. It includes almost all user profiles, of any social class and of all ages.

In addition, the platform offers many options for its users. In particular, it allows you to publish texts, photos and videos. Stories and live streams are also formats that are particularly appreciated by the public. It even offers advertising solutions like most networks.

Therefore, Facebook represents a huge opportunity for many companies. However, visibility is not guaranteed because of saturation. As a result, producing one to two publications per week is to be considered for maximum visibility.

TikTok, an app popular with youth


The year 2020 marked the rise of TikTok. Since then, it has established itself as the most popular platform for younger people. The enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of monthly active users is a testament to this. Most of them are mostly young people.

In addition, the platform particularly features videos. It even offers to make and mount them directly on the application. Currently, short videos (less than 15 s) are the most popular. Similarly, humorous and animated videos of music are all the rage.

TikTok content is even invading other networks. This allows companies to stand out from the competition, by sharing their TikTok videos on other platforms.

All this makes TikTok the ideal solution to reach teenagers and young adults. That said, it is essential to share content regularly to keep your position.

YouTube, the biggest video platform

Digital marketing: on which social networks to position yourself in 2022? 2

Although TikTok is growing rapidly, YouTube is still arguably the most popular in the world. Whether for individuals or companies, content must be relevant and quality if they want to stand out. To do this, the sound must be pleasant and consistent, the image of high quality and all accompanied by dynamic editing.

Be careful, the realization of a video requires a certain experience and know-how.

With YouTube, brands can, for example, conduct interviews or tutorials. The purpose is to communicate their know-how or to present their products or services. Moreover, companies have the ability to easily share their YouTube videos on other platforms.

Videos and more videos with Snapchat

Digital marketing: on which social networks to position yourself in 2022? 3

On Snapchat, more than half of the users are young people between the ages of 15 and 24. Here too, the most used format is video.

To be able to make the most of the platform and what it has to offer, professionals need to be active. Publishing a story once a day helps to develop the public’s interest.

Be careful to use quality videos (quality content and visual).

Companies have two options: to put stories online for their subscribers or for those who do not know them yet.

Instagram to attract attention


Instagram continues to increase its popularity among Internet users and especially among young people. It gives a special place to photos and videos.

The social network gives the possibility to post them individually or in the form of carousels. In addition, users especially appreciate stories and IGTV.

To hope to make a place of choice on this network, high-quality visuals are required. Besides quality, to stay in the newsfeed of target people, 2 to 3 posts per week are recommended.

Twitter, short and clear messages

Digital marketing: on which social networks to position yourself in 2022? 4

The bulk of Twitter users are usually in their twenties and thirties. Unlike its counterparts, it gives a special place to the publication of texts called tweets.

Tweets have the particularity of being brief, which makes the user go directly to the essential. In addition, users make a lot of tweets every day. Therefore, for optimal impact on the audience, uploading a few posts a day is necessary.

Among other things, the tweet must be interesting. The goal is to be retweeted (shared) as much as possible. This boosts brand visibility .

Pinterest to attract users to a website

Digital marketing: on which social networks to position yourself in 2022? 5

Pinterest focuses its services around photos. By offering the possibility of creating paintings and pins, it is of particular interest to women.

For companies, this platform is an unmissable opportunity to improve traffic to their website. Nevertheless, the visual aspect of the images is of paramount importance to be effective. Then, each publication must redirect to the organization’s website. In this way, by posting interesting images, the company can improve traffic to its site.

LinkedIn, a more professional field

Digital marketing: on which social networks to position yourself in 2022? 6

LinkedIn is a reference in the professional world. In addition to B2C relationships, it also offers more opportunities for companies to connect with each other. To put it simply, this professional social network opens up new perspectives for individuals and companies.

Among other things, LinkedIn allows you to publish texts, photos, videos and even stories. Thus, companies can stand out with quality content. This makes it possible to enhance the skills, know-how and knowledge of the brand in its field.

In summary, numerous social networks can contribute to strengthening the marketing approach of a company in different ways. That said, videos are especially appreciated. As a result, TikTok and the  » story » feature of different platforms are particularly interesting to capture the attention of the public. However, everything will depend on the objectives and characteristics of the company or brand.

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