quest ce quun prm partner relationship management

What is a Partner Relationship Management (PRM)?

Companies can use indirect sales to sell their products or services on the market. Concretely, it is a sales channel maintained through a network of partners (Prescribers, Distributors, Integrators, etc.).

The idea is therefore to FAIRE-FAIRE: to be represented, to sell and to have realized the services associated with your offer. To this end, the PRM (for Partner Relationship Management) is a tool designed to monitor the evolution of the business and facilitate communication between the parties.

A PRM system gives partners easy access to all the information they need to sell successfully. It allows them to quickly and easily record transactions, access market development funds and find product information.

What is a good PRM solution/technology?

The SMR can be used by anyone related to the business: brokers, value-added resellers or distributors, etc. In fact, PRM software can be considered an extension of CRM (for Custumer Relationship Management). The idea is to enable the company to develop better visibility into the accounts, sales processes and results that its partners are creating.

For a PRM tool to be effective in the indirect sales process, it must incorporate some essential features. These include:

  • A partner portal for your partners to quickly access content,
  • the declaration of opportunities,
  • lead management,
  • training and certification,
  • content management,
  • recording of transactions,
  • strong relationships on partner success,
  • joint planning of activities.

In sum, the SMR is designed to bring together a variety of traditional tools in a single platform. Everything a channel manager needs to work with partners is brought together and accessible in a single platform.

Who should have a PRM tool?

The companies that benefit most from an indirect strategy are mainly those thatdo not sell directly to their end users. Industries like manufacturing, automotive, insurance, SaaS, and even hospitality and leisure that sell, at least in part, through a distribution channel, should have an effective SMR strategy. On the other hand, it is recommended that companies that primarily sell to their customers use only a CRM solution.

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