top 10 des meilleures strategies mobile marketing

Top 10 Best Mobile Marketing Strategies

Mobile technology is evolving, consumer needs are increasing, and smartphones are being used more and more. For the success of companies, it is therefore essential to design a good mobile marketing strategy. Indeed, there are several methods to attract prospects and this is what we will see in this article.

Mobile marketing strategy: what points to think about?

Identification of the persona and the objective

The persona is the type of customer to target. Wondering what he looks like is an essential element in determining the strategy to adopt to communicate with him. It is essential to define his age, gender, the social networks he frequently uses, in short, a robot portrait of the ideal prospect.

Specifying its purpose is also necessary in a marketing action. You need to recognize what you’re looking for whether it’s bringing traffic to a site, improving its brand awareness, or building customer loyalty.

Use of the « responsive » version of the site

It is a question of adapting the site to the format of a smartphone for a good quality of display. In particular, the size of the screen and the loading time must be taken into account. To do this, Google has developed a new tool called  » Index Mobile First « , considering the mobile version of pages as a priority.

Adaptation of mobile SEO

Indeed, SEO must adapt to the dimensions of the screen of a smartphone. As a result, prioritizing short keywords is a great help. In this case, once the user performs a search, you would be on the first page of the results.

Enabling geolocation

Geolocation is essential, especially for hotels and supermarkets. When an individual connects to a Wi-Fi network, Google tracks them on their servers and sends them a notification directly asking for their opinion on a nearby site.

Sending SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a very effective way to convince a prospect. More than 90% of smartphone users are enrolled in SMS affiliate and loyalty programs. Companies communicate more easily with their targets thanks to commercial SMS. With only 160 characters, they must use the best performing expressions.

Development of an own mobile application and activation of push notifications

Mobile apps help businesses engage a prospect and retain a customer. In fact, 80% of the time spent on a mobile device is spent on apps, according to ComScore’s 2018 report. Having your own application is therefore not to be neglected, without forgetting to activate push notifications. In addition, promotional notifications encourage users to make a purchase, especially in the late afternoon. They are useful for keeping customers and prospects informed about new offers and promotions.

Email marketing strategy optimization

To convince a prospect, email remains among the best strategies. According to the Sncd study, 76% of mobile users make purchases following an email from a company. In this regard, sending emails to announce a promotion or news can increase the sales rate.

Capitalization on social networks

To develop your audience, the development of an advertising campaign on social networks is essential. In Messenger, it is possible to broadcast videos, photos or texts in the « Chat » tab of Internet users. On Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, businesses can post promotions and news on their stories, which is accessible to all its followers. YouTube also allows the display of advertising messages in the middle of video playback. Moreover, sponsored publications on social networks allow communication with users who have already expressed their interest in a similar product or service. Websites will therefore be more visited and applications will be installed after an advertisement on social networks.

Publishing videos

According to a report published by Wyzowl, almost 90% of internet users watch videos on their smartphones. To encourage mobile users to visit a website, it is therefore advantageous to publish a lot of videos. By adding call-to-actions, sales can increase even more.

Adoption of Bluetooth marketing

Enabling Bluetooth marketing allows a notification to be sent to nearby smartphone users. This is a very effective technique around points of sale or during specific events. However, this strategy is only valid if the person activates their Bluetooth.

How to analyze the results of a mobile strategy?

Many tools for analyzing the results of a mobile strategy already exist. For this, it is necessary to select key performance indicators (also called KPIs) in relation to the company’s objectives.

First, Google Analytics and Google Search Console allow each website administrator to analyze their audience. How? By regularly monitoring users’ marketing campaigns and measuring everyone’s feedback, including the positioning performance of pages on predefined keywords. They also track the number of visits to a site.

Second, there are tools like Localytics and Flurry that measure mobile app activity. This tool therefore makes it possible to know the profile of users and to measure the commitment of application users to retention. They proceed by counting the number of conversions carried out over a chosen period.

Finally, Amplitude is a platform focused on the behavioral data of application users, both on the web and on mobile. It also checks their evolutions in the conversion funnel.

To conclude, having a good mobile marketing strategy requires a lot of implications, including creating a mobile survey to determine prospects, developing your audience on social networks, and creating a web app for each marketing operation. With these methods, you will see that the number of conversions of your prospects and the action of your customers will increase.

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