Magileads: the omnichannel prospecting specialist at the Paris e-marketing show from 29 to 31 March

Magileads: the omnichannel prospecting specialist at the Paris e-marketing show from 29 to 31 March

Magileads, expert in digital marketing, participates in the e-marketing fair in Paris. This great gathering will be held on March 29, 30 and 31 at the gates of Versailles. You will discover all the best of digital marketing, we are waiting for you at booth 2A71 !

Magileads: the omnichannel prospecting specialist at the Paris e-marketing show from 29 to 31 March 1

During these 3 days dedicated to marketing, 285 players in the field will exhibit their activities. The event will bring together all professionals from all over France.

Around 16,000 visitors are expected to attend the 200 conferences and workshops that will follow one another during this major exhibition. They will allow you to discover the best practices in digital marketing.

To join us it’s easy, book your free access badge .

Magileads in a few words…

Magileads is the first French omnichannel SAAS platform for customer acquisition and loyalty. It integrates both BtoB data and tools to generate the engagement of your prospects.

The start-up presents itself as a real driver of innovation in the sector. It is the first French platform to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology in the management of incoming emails.

Magileads is also the first in France to offer a database of more than 20 million BtoB contacts integrated into its acquisition platform.

On Magileads’ omnichannel Marketing Automation platform, you can run your campaign via LinkedIn, Mail, SMS, VMS (voice messages), Retargeting Ads

In this multi-tenant environment, you will be able to manage several distinct brands at the same time.

More succinctly, our platform allows you to transform your suspects into qualified prospects who will be passed on to your sales representatives. They will then be able to convert them more easily into customers.

What Magileads offers

Magileads is here to help you identify new qualified contacts. Essentially, the platform allows you to perform, through a homogeneous and fluid interface, marketing operations that are usually complex and time-consuming.

Target your profiles

Magileads allows you to target prospects based on Linked In, Google, Magileads or your own database. Indeed, you will have access to a database including 20 million nominative BtoB contacts. You can also link your own database to the platform.

Enrich your contacts

The prospecting database is generated in the form of a list of contacts enriched with essential information (tel, e-mail, …) and business signals. You will be able to refer to it to write personalized message sequences before launching your acquisition and loyalty campaign.

Prospect on different channels

When your footage is ready, you can orchestrate it across omnichannel customer journeys and launch your automated prospecting. This includes multichannel animation campaigns (email, LinkedIn, SMS, VMS…).

Score your contacts according to their commitment

The platform allows you to score your contacts according to their degree of engagement (clicks, responses, acceptance, LinkedIn invitation, browse your website, content visualization, etc.).

Follow and follow up with your prospects

You benefit from a PRM (Prospect Relationship Management) for the follow-up and follow-up of prospects. You will have a 360° vision of these contacts.

At any time, you will have access to KPIs and reports allowing you to analyze the performance of these campaigns.

Upload your contacts to your CRM

You can then import prospects’ contact information to your CRM (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Sellsy, etc.)

Magileads is a true French success story . From now on, the start-up is developing internationally. Its database makes it possible to retrieve contacts anywhere in the world and gives French customers the opportunity to prospect abroad and vice versa. You will have the opportunity to learn more about the start-up at booth number 2A71 of the Paris e-marketing show.

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