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How does Magileads offer an omnichannel campaign?

Magileads is an international French start-up . With a base of more than 15 million BtoB contacts, it offers the 1st SaaS platform for customer / partner acquisition and loyalty in France. It is in this perspective that we support our customers and partners in expanding their field of prospects.

The platform offers you a database of contact sheets including information (professions, address, telephone number, e-mail, etc.) on your targets. Thus, our customers can prospect from their own database, that of Magileads, on LinkedIn and Google (by emailing and retargeting). Thanks to our omnichannel campaigns, you will get more qualified leads and in a constant flow! Your all-in-one and seamless experience will be your biggest advantage on our platform.

Thus, in the support of its customers and partners, Magileads offers several marketing strategies: outbound marketing, inbound marketing, traditional marketing, and digital marketing.

Magileads uses traditional marketing and outbound marketing

Outbound marketing is part of our strategies. Magileads also offers direct marketing. Our platform maximizes prospecting by directing you immediately to the prospect. For this, our team offers you various traditional channels such as Voice Message Service (VMS), SMS and phone calls. Indeed, thanks to our large database, our customers and partners have the opportunity to prospect widely. You will then be able to broadcast your personalized campaign messages on the contact details of your prospects and score them more easily!

Outbound marketing and direct marketing certainly have risks. Indeed, coming into direct contact with a target could be frowned upon by it or on the contrary, be appreciated! However, these two ways of prospecting also offer a great opportunity: to show the individualized interest that we have in each prospect.

Magileads uses digital marketing and inbound marketing

The growth of digital continues to increase over the years. And digital marketing with it! That’s why, through direct marketing, our platform offers you the opportunity to go directly to your prospects through emailing. Apart from digital marketing, we also opt for inbound marketing. Thus, our customers can prospect online on LinkedInd and Google through retargeting.

In fact, first, our clients’ LinkedIn invitation campaigns have an acceptance rate of over 25%. Secondly, their mailing campaigns have an open rate of more than 30%. In addition, Magileads is the first platform in France using AI in email management. Third, retargeting would allow you to stand out from other offers that will present themselves to your prospects by supplanting them.

Digital marketing and inbound marketing are the masters of current marketing strategies. At present, not using connected media would be a fatal mistake for any company or individual. This is why our platform naturally offers you the opportunity to prospect online.

A mix between the different marketing strategies would be the perfect mix for effective and efficient prospecting. Magileads understands this and that’s why we have these strategies for our clients! All you have to do is define to whom to apply them! Between opting for digital marketing or staying on the good old traditional marketing depending on the type of prospects, the choice is entirely up to you on our platform.

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Magileads and the possibility of omnichannel campaigns

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Magileads is a start-up supporting its customers in their customer / partner acquisition and loyalty process. To this end, it offers a platform with an omnichannel campaign for its customers.

For the prospection of its customers, Magileads offers them the opportunity to choose between several marketing strategies such as outbound marketing or inbound marketing. It also offers the choice between using offline channels or connected digital media.

The platform has a database containing a set of prospect contact details. Thus, our customers can prospect easily and more widely thanks to this information. All they have to do is write their message and campaign and disseminate them through the channels they have chosen.

Source: https://www.magileads.com/

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