Storytelling and the digital world.

The use of storytelling in a digital communication campaign

Storytelling has gained momentum thanks to social media, but it has also spread to other channels and forms of communication. Storytelling can be simply defined as the art of telling a good story . However, this is not a marketing technique like any other. Its main objective is to create a bond with customers .

Storytelling can be used in marketing emails , landing pages , spots , banners , retargeting , SMS or social media . Here's how companies can take advantage of this technique!

Mistakes to avoid in storytelling

Since storytelling is primarily used to perpetuate your relationship with your customers, it is important not to fall into these traps.

Contradictions in messages

Storytelling is effective when the message and the person conveying it are on the same page . Any contradiction between the message and the speaker makes this technique lose its power. If a beautiful model is used to tell a happy story, but her eyes express sadness, the message becomes contradictory and worthless.

The lie

In addition to contradiction, lying is another of the most common mistakes made in storytelling. There is a Spanish proverb that says, “The truth comes out,” and it’s true. If the brand has a number of elements, principles or preconceptions, it is not good to go against them. By trying this, users will see the lie. If the brand or product projects an idea, it should be reinforced and not trying to sell something that is not real.

Using a bad tone

It's easy to use humor and satire in storytelling to sell. It's a way like any other that helps break down barriers and develop a greater connection between the customer and the brand. The hardest part is finding the right balance in tone in order to convey the right message . It can be very difficult to use humor well, even more so than theater. You will have to be very careful that the joke told sets the right tone and example for your brand.

The forcing of the public's reaction

This technique can sometimes help strengthen the bond between the customer and the brand, but it can also be a double-edged sword. It is not possible to force the reaction of customers , and this is also valid for forcing the sense of urgency. Everything must be implicit in the message. By forcing things, the message will lose its potential.

The content of the storytelling strategy

For the storytelling strategy to achieve the company's marketing objectives, it will be essential to include these 5 essential elements.

Brand values

The company must be able to convey the principles on which your brand is built . Sharing brand values ​​is necessary to be in tune with your customers, because it is important to be able to express who you are and what you offer.


Emotions are the key to storytelling. They make it possible to establish a link with the customer and to arouse something in him in order to push him to consume. You have to be able to use language that plays with emotions so that the speech ends up captivating the customer, grabbing their attention and encouraging them to buy the product.

Positive emotions , such as joy or happiness, are not the only ones that can be used to sell. Negative emotions , such as pity or sadness, are also negative. It depends on the brand for which she opts for emotions when she wants to convey her message to her customer. Just keep in mind that the chosen emotion will be related to the brand in the minds of customers.

Product highlights

In the same way that the brand image is reinforced by the positive aspects or values ​​of the brand, the same must be done for the product or service offered. We must not forget to emphasize the positive aspects of adhering to the brand philosophy.

The hook

In addition to emotions, the story must be articulated in such a way that it engages the client . It must captivate and hold the attention of the audience. Hooking readers with stories is the main goal of storytelling. If we manage to do it and hold the attention of buyers, then the trick will be played.

The ultimate storytelling channel: television

While a number of brands use storytelling in their emails and landing pages, it's TV that really paved the way for this technique. Brands such as Ikea, Cola-Cao and Campofrío have used storytelling in their commercials. And the results were more than satisfactory.

All these brands use a common denominator: the creation of a story and an advertisement to illustrate it . The potential comes from combining everyday stories in the form of short advertisements . In addition, the quality of production and originality distinguish them from other brands that fight for the same advertising space.

To conclude, storytelling is not just about listing the technical specificities of a brand or product. It is a technique that appeals mainly to the emotionality of consumers . To do this, it is necessary to adapt well to the profile of each customer. Indeed, the requirements of each of them are not the same. Above all, it will be necessary to ensure that it does not shock the person to whom the message is intended. If it ever gets hit, the rest of the message won't be taken into account. As a result, it will be one less consumer for the company.

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