11 steps to follow to migrate to a new marketing automation tool

11 steps to follow to migrate to a new Marketing Automation tool

Your business is evolving, your marketing goals are changing, and it's time to upgrade to more advanced tools than you currently use. This transition from your old email marketing tool to a flexible marketing automation system, like Magileads, can be the key to improving your performance.  

In this article, we will share our experience as heavy Magileads users and guide you through the essential steps for a successful migration.

1 – Start the journey with clear goals in mind

Before diving into the migration, clearly identify the reasons for this change and your expectations from the new system. Ask yourself crucial questions like:

  • Does your current platform still meet your marketing needs or has it become obsolete?
  • What features of a marketing automation platform will help your business grow?
  • How will the migration help you achieve your marketing goals?

Also, ask your team to rank each question to determine priorities and specific needs.

11 steps to follow to migrate to a new Marketing Automation 2 tool

2 – Do your homework

With the multitude of marketing automation tools on the market, selection can be tricky. Once you've narrowed down your options, carefully consider:  

  • The industries targeted by the product/vendor.
  • The most popular customers of this provider.
  • Available resources such as case studies, white papers, etc.
  • Essential features like segmentation, conversion, marketing interaction automation, and reporting.
  • The possibility of integration with other systems, in particular your CRM.

3 – Establish a schedule

Migration can be a lengthy process, especially with significant content in your existing platform. So, before proceeding, consult a consultant from the chosen supplier to create a realistic schedule and not forget anything.

4 – Configure administrators in your marketing automation solution

With your new system in place, clean up user accounts, delete expired accounts from the old tool, create new accounts in the new tool, and assign the necessary permissions to the responsible users.

5 – Transfer your old database

Move your old contact data to the new platform while making sure to delete inactive contacts. Make sure you :  

  • Integrate your CRM with the new tool first.
  • Map fields for contact and account information.
  • Take into account suppression lists.
  • Obtain permission from your contacts to contact them, particularly if they are based in the EU.

6 – Lead management and reporting

lead scoring rules Set up new alerts for the sales team and make sure to align rules with sales for better lead quality.

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7 – Migration of web forms

Whether you're migrating your existing forms or creating new ones, make sure custom data is captured correctly and automated actions work as expected.

8 – Resource migration

Make sure all your assets, including images used in email campaigns, PDFs such as eBooks, infographics, etc., are transferred to your new marketing automation tool.

9 – Migration of email campaigns

Migrate content from your old email campaigns to the new platform. Also, test emails to make sure all links work properly.

10 – Migration of landing pages

If your old tools supported landing pages, make sure to migrate those too. Use the new tool's landing page builder tools for a smooth transition.

11 – Check the details

Once the migration is complete, take care of the remaining details: 

  • Configure your campaigns to ensure continuity.
  • Save your marketing KPIs and data for future comparisons.
  • Test emails, landing pages, resource download links, and web forms.
  • Consult with the new platform's consultants or support representatives for final advice and evaluation.


Transitioning from email marketing platforms to marketing automation tools can be a tricky process, but the benefits offered by technologies like Magileads outweigh the potential obstacles. By following these steps, you can ensure a successful migration and take full advantage of the advanced features offered by your new system.  

To learn more about our migration process or get help choosing the right marketing automation tool for your business, please contact us. We are here to help you !

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