Emailing: how to optimize the 2023 sales period?

When the beginning of the year comes, we immediately think of the growth opportunities for our company. What can we do to achieve the turnover we had set ourselves? What strategy to adopt to boost sales? And precisely, one of the best ways to achieve this is to take advantage of the 2023 sales periods.

But it is not enough to identify the date of the sales, you have to know how to prepare. For their part, your competitors may already have a successful business strategy in place. You’re not going to sit idly by and give them the largest market share. You need to find the right way to attract more leads and make more sales. That’s why emailing could be interesting. It allows you to get in touch with your prospects, or even try to cross-sell with your existing customers. Starting this January, you need to prepare for the winter sales , which promise to be thrilling. This article will serve as a guide to generating more profits. Follow us to the end!

Why do emailing for sales?

During the sales period, 45% of purchases are made online and the traffic is impressive during the first 5 days. These periods represent an opportunity for companies to generate significant revenue. It is also during these periods that you must communicate to your prospects/customers the offers available in your physical store or on the Internet through an emailing campaign. You can also highlight promotional offers during sales. Put discounts on certain products if your cash flow allows it.

There are many reasons to launch an emailing campaign during the sales. First of all, it is a marketing lever just as effective as websites and social networks. It is said that 90% of Internet users open their mailbox at least once a day. So you can’t overlook the fact that email marketing is a great communication tool. If used intelligently, it can become a formidable weapon to win new customers and increase your turnover. You can write personalized emails to your prospects with the goal of converting them into customers. But you can also contact your existing customers, or even your former customers to highlight a specific offer. Which means emailing can be used for both acquisition and loyalty. The possibilities are numerous and limitless. Let’s discover the best practices to make successful sales mailings !

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5 effective emailing techniques during sales

To make more sales during the 2023 sales periods, you need to know the best practices. In particular, when it comes to emailling, you have to think of everything! How to guarantee an excellent opening rate? How to have a good conversion rate? How to create engagement? There are no miracles, good results come from good preparation and well-crafted actions.

1 – Take care of the content of your email

If you want your campaigns to be effective, you need to pay close attention to your content. It must be attractive and provide added value to the recipients. The idea here is to be able to present your offer in the smartest way possible. In addition, you need to capture the reader’s attention at first glance. If you want to get good results, here’s what you need to do:

  • Take care of the subject of your email: the subject line must be clear and engaging. You have to be original and use a hard-hitting approach. Nevertheless, it is necessary to avoid objects such as « Sales -50% ».
  • Go straight to the point: your reader will never be patient enough to scrutinize your email in every detail. Information must be stated quickly. You have to get to the heart of the matter!
  • Stay friendly, but professional: you have to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. The latter has a problem and he hopes to find a solution by reading your message. You should therefore present your solution with a friendly tone while being understanding.

Add to this list the use of empathy marketing. You need to be thorough in your approach if you want to get good results. After all, the idea is to close sales. If you would like more tips to ensure the success of your email marketing, please do not hesitate to contact Magileads>>.

2 – Highlight your competitive advantages

During the sales period, discounts are not the only selling points. You can also communicate around your additional services. Of course, everyone loves sales, but customers like to be pampered even more!

So what should you do? You need to stand out from the competition. For example, you can offer other benefits that accompany orders. Why not offer: free shipping, free return, a contest with a gift for the winners, etc.

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3 – Spread your message at the right time

First of all, to have a better opening rate, this third point is very important. You need to target when your recipients are most likely to open your email. According to statistics, the best days for broadcasting are Tuesday and Thursday. And the best time to send is between 8 and 10 a.m. The secret is to target when most office workers start processing their emails, which is around 10 a.m. They then revisit their inbox between 3 and 4 p.m. You must therefore adapt your sending schedule according to this information.

The other thing you need to do is adjust the marketing pressure. Don’t bombard your recipients with too many emails in a single day. Promotions last approximately 5 weeks. If you send one email a day, your interlocutor will quickly get tired. You may then become spam. What you can do is establish a schedule before the sales, for example:

  • One week before the sales: private sale reserved for loyal customers
  • The day before the sales: sales preparation tips on your website
  • Sales day: presentation of key products on sale
  • Last days of the sales: reminder of the end of the sales.

4 – Segment your contact base

Segmentation is a mandatory step when it comes to emailing, and this is also valid for sales. Customers want to benefit from a pre-selection. So, what you can do is offer them products based on their last order. You can use all the demographic data (age, company name…) that you have at your disposal. To be even more precise, you can also segment your shipments according to customers’ purchasing habits.

  • Offer exclusive benefits to loyal customers
  • Send a follow-up email to a customer who has been lost for a while as sales approach
  • Send a new contact a welcome gift and a selection of your best products on sale

You can also send transactional emails with a wishlist system. Your customers will be notified that their favorite items are on sale!

5 – Use copywriting

One of the goals of copywriting is to get your prospects to read every word of your ad, email , or social media post . However, if you write a 500-word message divided into two large paragraphs with little to no formatting, it becomes difficult to read. And if it does, most people won’t read it.

Indeed, the reader must not think that he is reading. The idea is to make him so captivated by your content that he doesn’t realize what he’s doing until he’s already picked up the phone to call you.

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