Commercial prospecting: software guaranteeing its effectiveness

To increase your company’s revenue, adopting a business strategy is essential. Prospecting is a crucial step in this strategy. It is a job that requires organization. To ensure an effective layout, you need the right tools. These are the prospecting software.

What is prospecting software?

A prospecting software is a tool that assists you in the management of your prospecting files. It clarifies the process of finding new prospects. It centralizes information and automates part of the process to generate qualified leads and turn them into customers. It is a complete device to optimize your commercial activity.

Concretely, these software support you in: the centralization of data, the definition of the contours of your prospecting plan, the targeting of your prospects, the segmentation of your contact base, the follow-up of the history of your prospecting for each contact, the follow-up of your prospecting campaigns and the overall management of your commercial activity.

Why use prospecting software?

With the advent of computers, databases were processed on an Excel spreadsheet. Currently, with the technological advancement, and the democratization of the internet it is possible to work on SaaS software. It works online. He creates, rents, buys, updates prospecting files. This in a computerized way, or even automated in some cases. Prospecting files improve knowledge about contacts through the data collected. These prospecting files form the basis of your strategy. Indeed, you will organize your prospecting plan according to the elements registered in these files.

In short, prospecting software guarantees the consistency of your prospecting actions.

The functionalities of prospecting software

  • Contact Management

The prospecting software builds a database of prospects. It groups information on contact profiles (identity, company, email address, etc.), and on their behaviour (interactions, lead scoring, etc.). From these databases you will be able to segment according to your criteria and manage your prospecting actions.

  • Marketing campaign management

The prospecting software facilitates marketing activity with:

Marketing automation emails are automated email sequences sent to prospects, with the aim of increasing their maturity and evaluating their purchase intent. Your sales reps are more helpful on prospects who are further down the buying cycle.

Lead scoring which consists of assigning a score to the prospect according to his degree of involvement on your site and his maturity for the purchase. Every interaction is worth points. When the previously defined score is reached, the prospecting tool automatically triggers the relay between marketing and sales.

  • Management of commercial actions

All the information collected and stored in the databases will be used to contextualize the contact with prospects. Subsequently, with the software, you will be able to establish dashboards to monitor the results of operations in real time and, if necessary, readjust.

Which software to choose?

There are several types of prospecting software on the market. Depending on the purpose of your needs, and the type of prospecting you wish to implement.

  • Free software

Overall, free software is interesting if you can’t invest in paid software yet. However, they have limitations on certain points. Especially in terms of data security, and functionalities.

  • Paid software

Here are some selections of paid software:


ByPath, relies on Big Data associated with data from the Kompass database. They analyze data collected online: social networks, blogs to qualify leads. You know the levers of influence on your interlocutors to conclude sales.

ByPath, in a few figures: 200 million contacts, 12 million companies, 200K sources, 20 million emails, 60 countries covered.


Corporama is an intelligent B2B database to qualify a prospect database. More than 2,000 marketing and sales managers from SMEs and mid-caps operate the platform. The business intelligence integrated into the platform crosses the data of a database of 11 million prospects with 60,000 sources of information. It uses the 35 search criteria available to segment. Corporama is interoperable and allows you to track prospects with up-to-date information. This solution is recommended for sales managers with a large market scope.


Decidento collects, sorts and synthesizes Big Data data. In figures, there are 72,000 business signals detected per year and 3,500 filtering keys available. Its advantages: contextualized data, sectoral and competitive intelligence, personalized support.

Decidento ensures the qualification of prospects associated with the management of consents for compliance with the GDPR.


Lead generates your own leads by identifying those who have already shown interest in your site. It then segments your audience by profile based on industry, geography, and browsing behavior.

The API documentation (included in the offer) is accessible to guide you in connecting Lead with your other tools, including synchronizing your data with your CRM and promoting sales automation.


Easybusiness is a database of more than 16 million companies around the world. It crosses your searches with more than 60 filters.

Easybusiness allows you to create your tailor-made search lists. The data is hosted in France.

Predict by Sparklane,

Predict by Sparklane accelerates your commercial prospecting. It taps into your market globally. It saves time thanks to predictive scoring.

Predict offers great interoperability with CRMs like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics. Regarding the security of your data, it is hosted in France, benefit from the best security standards and is backed up daily.


Visible is a double-edged sword: generates qualified leads for salespeople, and identifies your website visitors.

The features offered by Visiblee allow you: to identify your visitors, to obtain their contact details, to enrich your contact databases, to approach interested prospects, and to do lead nurturing. Prospecting tools facilitate the work of salespeople. By focusing the energy, and the time of your salespeople on the personalization of commercial actions, your sales and incidentally your turnover can only increase.


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