Bounce misses or bounce rate tips to improve them

Tips to improve your Bounce Rate on the internet

The Bounce Rate is frequently misunderstood by site managers. This article will allow you to know more and especially to know the tips to improve it.

Digital marketing is effectively demonstrated through performance on the web. Google Analytics provides several tools and indicators such as bounce rate. This KPI is used to evaluate the interest that a user has on the page by being directed by an external link . While it is often overlooked, it takes a very important place in the ranking.

What is bounce rate?

The bounce rate estimates the performance of a site by calculating the number of Internet users who browse it from an external link and leave it immediately without consulting the other pages. These include those who closed the tab or window, searched for a new URL, clicked « back » or expired their session.

The lower the percentage , the better the performance of the site. However, having a 0% bounce rate is impossible. Less than 25%, it indicates that either your traffic is minimal or there is a problem with Google Analytics. The best figure is between 26% and 40% while the average is between 41% and 55%. Beyond that, measures must be taken for marketing optimization.

How to optimize your Bounce Rate?

Mastering the performance of a website is crucial in the digital world. Each KPI , including the bounce rate, must have a satisfactory result. Here are some tips to improve yours.

Take care of the page

  • An attractive page : the background, shape and design should arouse the desire to navigate through the tabs of the site. This step includes setting up a well-defined structure. The title differs from the others, the paragraphs must be well distributed…
  • Compliant content : if the user has arrived on the page, it is because the subject addressed has interested him. If the text does not meet his expectations, he will have the reflex to leave the site directly.
  • Relevant and easy-to-read articles : the use of complex expressions, long sentences and without added value repels Internet users. If the person consults the internet, it is to find solutions to his problems as quickly as possible. Focusing on the goal and not beating around the bush satisfies users.

Present other pages

The user should easily access the other articles available within the site.

  • From letters : this is a technique applied for reader loyalty. People who have already visited the page will be aware of the news in their email.
  • The other articles to choose from: you have to take advantage of each navigation surface by highlighting multiple articles available and especially the most interesting. For example, the user will be able to access all topics dealing with the same theme.
  • Use of anchors : the text can present different words, expressions that will direct the reader to other pages of the site. The curiosity of the user will encourage navigation throughout the site.

Be visible

  • SEO optimization : the user usually comes across the site from an external link or a Google search. The best referencing allows you to benefit from a favorable visibility. Positioning in search engines plays a very important role in the Bounce Rate as well as in the calculation of the
  • Number of visits.
  • Target definition : Groups of people who like the page will be interested in all the articles on the site. For this, keywords will help in positioning. The most important thing is to use the expressions most used by these Internet users.
  • The meta description : this is indexing in computer science for search engines. It allows optimal visibility through the summary of the article in the tag in question.

Playing with time

Among the parameters of the bounce rate is the time spent on the site. However, readers can get impatient at times.

  • Fast loading time : Internet users don’t like to wait. Usually, after a minute, they close the page right away if it does not open, which deteriorates the Bounce Rate rating.
  • Pop-up removal : No one on the internet really loves pop-ups. These pages embedded without having been consulted interfere with reading and consume bandwidth. That’s enough to push people off the page.
  • Videos : they make it possible to animate the article, and more and more Internet users prefer to look at the illustrations rather than read the texts. Thus, the duration of a video is more important than the playback time, which significantly decreases the bounce percentage.

A website must take the necessary steps to reduce the rate in the bounce calculation within Google Analytics. Therefore, taking care of it is a priority. Visibility, anchoring and illustration promote page visits. These tips are handy for improving the grade, not only on

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