Automate your prospecting by e-mail, then relay it via linkedIn: why and how?

Since its development, the professional platform LinkedIn quickly becomes an essential channel for prospecting in digital marketing. LinkedIn brings together more than 320 million professionals, namely a large number of decision-makers from the largest and most powerful multinationals and those of VSEs and SMEs.

However, prospecting on LinkedIn requires expertise and the establishment of a good strategy. Therefore, handing over this perilous task to an automation tool seems sensible. As email prospecting is still relevant, it is one of the actions you can automate and relay via LinkedIn.

Why should we prospect from LinkedIn?

More precise targeting

The platform brings together countless professionals in different fields. Prospecting via LinkedIn is thus a method that facilitates and allows a more optimal and above all, more precise targeting. In addition, instead of checking their canvassing emails, business leaders are more likely to make a switch to LinkedIn.

Using the nature of the user profile, you can easily get the necessary information about your prospects and detect your targets without making too much effort. You can also adapt your contact to the skills of your prospect who will be a decision-maker of the company.

Prospects come to you more

With a traditional email channel, you will have more difficulty having considerable return rates, unless you opt for an email marketing automation. The problem comes mainly from countless canvassing emails received by your prospects. At worst, your emails could be filtered and sent to spam.

In addition, your prospects can come to you on LinkedIn. They give you more credibility and are more motivated to connect with you by seeing your background, areas of expertise and accomplishments.

A more concrete database

Your network of contacts automatically updates their data. This is a very practical aspect of this professional platform. It looks a bit like a living database. It’s easier for you to identify your prospects by first learning the organization in which your target decision maker has evolved.

Reasons to automate your email prospecting

Tasks are automatic

Automating your email marketing gives you a very important advantage in commercial prospecting, an automated process. Writing many messages to thousands of recipients, spending a good part of your time and energy on them will no longer be necessary. You will only have to choose the specific criteria of your prospects. The related workflow can then be implemented with simple gestures.

Very effective in lead nurturing

If your email campaign aims to nurture new prospects, automating your emails is perfect to help you achieve this goal. New prospects are all the more sensitive than those who are already acquired.

Usually, a company’s sales teams adopt cold calling as an approach. However, the majority of customers, if not all, are not really seduced by this communication strategy.

Cold calls can indeed disable them when they make a final decision. This is where email comes into play and is a more promising and advantageous alternative. In addition, sharing only content deemed useful for your leads makes more sense.

Personalized content

Using an email automation tool isn’t just about automating sending. Apart from saving time, it will have no interest. Email automation tools also allow companies to send personalized emails to their targets. This detail is really important for an effective strategy. In fact, some details of your emails’ personalized content (like your lead’s personal information) will allow you to make a closer and deeper connection with your targets.

Use a LinkedIn automation tool to relay your emails

To save time and expand your B2B lead generation, LinkedIn automation is a great way. If your email marketing strategy has also been automated, you still need to use a LinkedIn automation tool to relay messages. The tool also takes care of all the time-consuming steps of your marketing strategy.

Automation allows your network to grow quickly. Notifications reach users when actions are taken on LinkedIn. This can be profile visits, sending LinkedIn messages, login invitations, etc.

LinkedIn automation’s tool does all these things for you. It triggers notifications to notify you. To respond to these actions, prospects, at the same time users, will either consult your profile, or even that of your company, or connect to it. In short, varied answers come from potential leads from LinkedIn automation.

Examples of automated and customizable email scenarios

A welcome email

What could be warmer than receiving a welcome message! To connect with your prospects, the welcome email proves that you are paying attention to them. Of course, you must first direct them to navigate your site and subscribe to your newsletter.

An email for a promotional code

Regarding the second e-mail, a nominative offer is very convenient. To do this, the content can convey a special offer to your prospect. If he is interested, so much the better! All you have to do is bet on your incentive character.

A reminder email

The reminder email is used to notify your prospects about various upcoming events to inform them of subscription renewals for example.

Prospecting on LinkedIn will undoubtedly continue to evolve over time. However, LinkedIn automation for your automated emails seems like a great move to ensure more efficiency and generate new business opportunities.

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