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Fonts and font sizes to use for your email marketing: Usage and Tips

Fonts and font sizes to use in e-mailings

The most important thing is to choose the most readable font.

One of the main rules to observe when creating an email is the choice of font. Page weight, height, width, color, shape, spacing…

The objective for your email campaign is that it can be read easily and captured quickly by your leads .

The most popular  »sans-serif » fonts are Arial, Trebuchet MS and Helvetica, which are the default fonts in most operating systems and emailing software. They have the advantage of being displayed by all  recipients of your messages by email. With theMagileads editor, you can choose the most popular fonts to create your emails.


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Fonts to use for your e-mailings

Here is the list of the best standard Internet secure fonts you can use, which will be displayed by all emailing programs in the same way you see them when you write your email:

This Arial font is provided with all versions of Microsoft. Moreover, it is displayed by all email programs.

This font is a Sans Serif font, one of the most used fonts in this type of fonts, which is composed of rounded letters and capital letters.

Times New Roman
This font has large, slightly condensed lowercase letters and short descenders and ascenders.

This font to be readable on low resolution screens. Its main characteristic is the high size and the lower case characters.

Courier / Courier New
This font is similar to Times New Roman, but is adjusted to be a monospace font. Courier New has heavier periods and commas than the original Courier. Courier is the standard font used for screenwriting in the film industry.

This Verdana font has narrower letters, small counters and tight letter spacing. It is used as the default font for Windows 95, 2000, and XP.

This font has large and tiny characters that are thicker than average. In addition, its numbers blend in perfectly with the text because of its similar size.

This font, designed for headers, advertisements and printing, is larger than other old serif fonts.

Trebuchet MS
This font has shortened ends for some letters. In bold, its letters are more pointed than rounded. In addition, the points are rounded in lower case.

This font, whose main difference with Helvetica, has a set of basic ligatures.

Here is the list of fonts used by default by the most popular email clients:
  • iCloud Mail uses Helvetica as the default font.
  • Gmail adopts the Arial font.
  • The old version of Microsoft Outlook uses Calibri by default.
  • Outlook 2007/2010/2013 integrates the Times New Roman font as a backup font.

Font size to use for your e-mailings

The best email font size to use

  • The title must have a minimum size of 14px to be read on a computer and 16px for mobile devices.
  • The texts must have a minimum size of 14 px to be readable on mobile.
  • The line height generally used varies from 22 to 24 pixels.

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