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Email strategy: best practices and key figures in 2022

Emailing is the oldest digital prospecting method in the world. No wonder it continues! 80% of marketers consider emailing to be their best acquisition and loyalty channel.

But can we prospect today as we did yesterday? With the multiplication of digital channels and the development of marketing automation , emailing practices are set to evolve every year.

On the one hand, it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture the attention of your prospects. On the other hand, you have at your disposal more tools to control the performance of your campaigns.

So what are the latest best practices and trends to follow in emailing? How to optimize the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your campaigns such as the opening rate or the frequency of mailings?

Email marketing, an essential communication channel

More than 300 billion emails are sent per day around the world. An effective and now essential tool, email marketing has many advantages for companies. So you can use this channel, easy to set up to acquire new market share.

Last year, a group of companies managed to generate derivrability rates that hover around 89% and 95% during their email marketing campaigns. These same campaigns generated 3.2 million emails that reached reactivity rates of 10 to 25%.

The open rate depends on the length of the subject of the email

Whether you practice cold emailing or warm emailing, the subject of the email must be written carefully. It will determine whether or not the recipient will open their email. Email subject lines with less than 25 characters seem to generate many more opens. So, you need to keep it short and explicit.

Also, avoid selling yourself in the email title. You must especially make you want to read, and therefore write an attractive title. Personalizing the subject of the email with the name of your company also helps to optimize its opening rate at 30%.

What days and times to send professional emails?

Pay attention to the sending times so as not to wake up your recipient in the middle of the night for example. The days of sending emails also impact the effectiveness of your campaign.

This study identified Tuesday and Thursday as good days for sending marketing emails. But you can also do tests to determine which days your emails are most read by your targets. We advise you to ship them either at 8 a.m. or from 6 p.m.

To ensure an emailing strategy, BtoB actors prefer certain hours and days to communicate with their target audience. The observation is the same as in previous years: two-thirds of shipments were made on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

These shipments took place mainly in the morning, well before 1 p.m. Note that there were fewer emails sent before 8 a.m. in 2021.

As for opening hours, a peak after 6 p.m . was noted. So, to have a greater chance of being read, your messages should ideally be sent either in the morning or late afternoon.

How to optimize your targeting in an emailing strategy?

One of the preferred approach techniques by B2B players in emailing strategy is hyper-targeting. By classifying their targets into homogeneous groups, they were more likely to deliver a relevant message. This method allowed them to achieve a high level of performance.

We therefore advise you to qualify groups with less than 1000 contacts. This qualified targeting will help you increase your open rate. To succeed in your emailing strategy for this year 2022, we suggest you to:

  • make a qualified targeting;
  • Convey a powerful message;
  • optimize the subject of your email and use a credible sender;
  • Test sending times and days.
  • Pay attention to statistics.

Make a qualified targeting

Before starting an email communication campaign, you must absolutely define upstream the characteristics of the target you are targeting, their needs and the solutions you are able to bring them. There’s no point in sending messages if they don’t meet the expectations of your target audience.

Indeed, the content of your email depends on the profile of your customers, your offers and the added value you want to bring them. An email that offers to answer their problems will make you want to read.

Deliver an impactful message

Prospects who are increasingly solicited are becoming more demanding and are only interested in the most relevant advertising emails. And even if you can convince them to read your email, they only spend a few seconds reading your marketing email.

Your message must therefore meet two requirements:

  • it must be enriched with elements that will push clicks;
  • It must be brief and personalized as much as possible.

You must make sure that you receive as many responses as possible, even if only a refusal. Don’t address yourself with overt sales intent, but rather take an advisor approach. To gain the trust of your prospects, you must appear to them as an expert.

Optimize the subject of your email and highlight a credible sender

By carefully choosing the sender and subject of your message, you will make recipients want to open the email you send. So, prefer a name of natural person as a sender, if only to humanize your message.

You must give in the subject an overview of the added value that would receive the one who reads the email. Use A/B testing to determine which stock would work best.

Take the time to analyze your campaign statistics.

Use your campaign statistics to improve the elements mentioned above. Pay particular attention to deliverability rate, unsubscribes, open rate, and click-through rate. From this analysis, you will know what works or not in your marketing approach and will also be able to measure the achievement of your objectives.


Marketing automation is one of the best prospecting tools in BtoB. This emailing barometer will allow you to develop strategic approaches based on relevant figures. You also have customer databases to create relevant marketing scenarios and are able to ensure the quality of your B2B email campaigns.

Now you have an idea of the most relevant days, dates and times for sending your messages.

You will need to adapt your actions according to the numbers that appear as your campaigns progress. These key indicators will help you understand the behavior of your targets .

Note that part of this data was taken from a recent study done by Nomination on the emailing campaigns carried out by its clients in 2021.

Then, find the best way to convert your leads and retain your customers in order to increase your revenue. Automating your B2B email campaigns with Magileads will allow you to speed up and optimize this process and gain efficiency. You will benefit from the email database of 20 million qualified prospects offered by the platform. The all-in-one SaaS software allows better customer file management for your marketers thanks to an integrated PRM tool. Better yet, you can AB test your emails and personalize them before sending them to your leads at the right time.

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