Customer acquisition

Strategy to improve online customer acquisition

In a digital marketing plan, targeting and converting customers are essential elements. Finding the right message to send to the right audience is a constant challenge in the face of changing technology and consumption patterns.

A successful customer acquisition model combines both the customer generation and loyalty components. This approach aims to make your business profitable. To satisfy your ROI as part of an online customer acquisition campaign , strategies are possible. So what are they? Before really considering a strategy, it is essential to analyze your targets upstream.

Analyze targets

To effectively guide your strategy, it is essential to know your target. Identify their expectations and purchasing behaviours.

This study makes it possible, for example, to define which channel to prefer. However, the multiplicity of channels available to a customer sometimes pushes him to use several during his purchase journey. Also, to adapt to this practice, a company must ensure its presence on as many channels as possible to ensure constant visibility.

This study helpspersonalize offers from the customer’s position in the buying cycle. The prospect is indeed at different stages and therefore with different needs. Customer segmentation is crucial in this sense to offer the right offers .

The foundation of a good customer acquisition strategy is based on the needs and expectations of the customer. Taking this information into account, what elements should be taken into account?

The key elements to develop a customer acquisition strategy taking into account the ROI

Data collection

The first phase is to rely on tools with a large volume of consumer data with machine learning features. To analyze behavioral data and prospects’ buying habits , then synthesize them. The goal is to perfect the campaign.

Partnership Development

To maximize the reach of your campaign and increase your opportunity to acquire new customers. The solution is to have access to the largest number of advertisers to reach a maximum of quality prospects at the right time.

Pricing Choices

Customer acquisition programs are priced based on CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

The CPC model only charges for the number of clicks generated, while with CPM the amount is fixed per thousand impressions whether they generate clicks or not. Thus, to tangibly measure your ROI, it is wiser to bet on the CPC model. The latter is a real performance indicator that allows you to control the effectiveness of your campaign.

Personalization of ads

Personalized ads drive more sales and get better ROI, according to 88% of U.S. marketers. Instead of offering static or partially dynamic content with only a few features limited to the best-selling products, focus on dynamic content by personalizing ads. Some technologies automatically determine content tailored to the buying behavior and types of products your prospects are interested in.

Product Recommendations

This technology makes it possible to show consumers the items they are really interested in and not just display a static list of products. Sales are not mainly made on brand sites. Product recommendations go a long way in converting searches into sales.

Taking these key elements into account, what is the strategy to adopt to acquire new customers?

Effective ways to acquire new customers for your B2B business

The partnership

To scale your business quickly, developing a partner program is a solid way to do that. Referrals are effect, an excellent recipe for generating new customers. Partners who offer complementary services to yours are the best « ambassadors » to convey your messages to potential customers.

The website

To optimize your website, targeting specific keywords is no longer sufficient compared to the constant evolution of search engine algorithms . The thematic grouping strategy is now more appropriate with the optimization of topics. And to lead your prospects on the path to conversion, give them plenty of opportunities to make it happen with relevant CTAs.

Social media

Social networks are powerful channels to convey your message to your customers. Thanks in particular to the great possibility of sharing content. So it’s a way to make your brand known, show the personality of the company and create a community around it. You can acquire new customers and strengthen your credibility.

Paid searches

In this process, marketing professionals can get in touch with your prospects throughout its buying process. This fact represents a positive influence on your customer acquisition. There are several levers for your paid advertising campaigns:

  • Brand campaigns: These allow you to bid on your business name.
  • Research campaigns: they help the prospect to decide in his buying process, by offering him quick actions.
  • Poster campaigns: These are designed to build brand awareness.
  • Retargeting campaigns : which allow you to revive prospects who have visited your site.

Email marketing

This is a great way to complement your customer acquisition strategy. It is a way to maintain and nurture your prospects with high value-added content : event promotion, webinars, promotional offers, etc. To maximize your profitability at this level, you can opt for workflow automation.

Customer acquisition is a key factor in increasing your company’s revenue. To ensure the success of your customer acquisition strategy, you must consider each stage of a customer’s lifecycle, and continue to satisfy them after their purchase.

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