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Succeed in your customer acquisition campaign in 13 steps

Implementing your customer acquisition strategy is a tedious task for any marketer. It’s not easy to know which customers to target and which channels to use to get the best possible results. Here are some important steps to succeed, not only in attracting new customers, but also in retaining them to a company or brand.

Define the business strategy

After performing a SWOT analysis for the customer acquisition process, it will be necessary to define a business strategy. Its goal can be to maximize sales, increase brand awareness, get loyal customers, etc. Once the strategy is in place, it will be necessary to focus on its strengths, while improving its weaknesses.

Estimate the customer acquisition budget

Before carrying out the marketing plan, it will be necessary to estimate the total cost to be borne for its implementation. Then, it will be necessary to define its expectations in terms of return on investment according to the budget set. In general, the cost of acquiring a customer (CAC) determines the value a customer will bring to the business. This cost is therefore essential to define its customer value, because the end goal is always to achieve a high return on investment.

Determine the target

Subsequently, the company will have to determine its target (the profile of the targeted customers) as part of the marketing campaign. In addition to their choice, it will be necessary to know how to acquire them, how to communicate with them and how to sell them its products. This step will make it possible to better face the competition.

Choosing the right acquisition channel

To find ways to contact your target, it will be necessary to do research, conduct surveys, collect email addresses and use analysis tools. It will then be useful to segment them according to their wants, needs and behaviors. To do this, there are various channels available depending on the characteristics of each segment.

Create optimized virtual platforms

It will be essential to set up web pages allowing users to purchase the offer, with calls to action (or  » call to actions (CTA) in English »). Once created, regular testing will be required to improve them. In addition to customizing the pages according to the expectations of the public, they will have to be adapted to the mobile display.

Use content marketing

Content marketing is an adequate method for any business looking to acquire customers. Therefore, it will require relevant, unique and easily shareable content, so as to easily attract the attention of the customers concerned and make them want to go to the website.

Use social networks

Through social media marketing, it will be possible to build brand awareness, develop a company’s personality, and allow readers to share content. Sharing content on these platforms can be viral. In short, it is essential to create funny, captivating campaigns that surf on what is trendy.

Use SEO (natural referencing)

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes it possible to create content that appears on the first page of the results of these search engines. This method not only drives traffic to a website, but also offers you the opportunity to convert its visitors into leads.

Practice email marketing

Email marketing is not only effective in promoting quality content, but also remains a great way to simply communicate with your target audience to create value around the brand. Therefore, it will be necessary to create a list of email addresses and convert its subscribers into customers through emails.

Using pop-ups

After determining your conversion goals, it will be necessary to create a pop-up with high potential, then present it on your website in order to offer the best possible user experience. In addition, there are also pop-ups on e-mail.

Introducing a new product, presenting a premium service, giving personalized discounts, or presenting a cost-effective e-book using pop-ups can help grab visitors’ attention. Pop-ups and offers, however, must stand out from those of competitors.

Build a lasting relationship with customers

Establishing a good relationship with your customers increases your revenue, because loyal customers will always tend to buy from the same company. In addition, it is very likely that they will recommend it to those around them. With more visitors on its web platforms, it will be new prospects converted into customers.

Request customer testimonials

Rather than touting your business via social media and paid ads, customer testimonials can bring better results. They can tell how they discovered the company or why they like its offers. This method helps acquire more aca consumers, as prospects tend to become customers of a brand when they see other satisfied customers.

Set up a referral program

Setting up a referral program offering great rewards will also certainly bring new customers. To encourage them to buy, it is possible to offer credits, physical gifts or financial rewards. By offering something advantageous to consumers, they will be more receptive later on.

This is just a typical process for anyone who wants to succeed in competing sectors. Indeed, it is always possible to enrich these proposals to achieve its previously set objectives. In addition, it will be necessary to keep in mind that every business is unique and that there is no perfect marketing plan for any industry. It will first be necessary to know its target well and then adapt its strategy according to it. Only in this way can a company be sustainable in its field of activity.

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