les erreurs a ne pas commettre en marketing digital

Mistakes not to make in digital marketing

Digital marketing often appears as a miracle solution to companies who want to boost their sales performance. However, in order to set up an effective digital communication campaign, it is necessary to determine the appropriate strategies beforehand. Here are the mistakes not to make.

Thus, as in traditional marketing, a study of consumer behavior is necessary in e-marketing. Indeed, the company must know the habits of its potential customers in order to design a product in accordance with their needs. Only then will it be able to promote said product. And again, the choice of communication channels will be crucial. In this process, some firms fall into traps, which may not seem to have any major consequences, but which can wipe out all the efforts made during a campaign. Learn what these fatal mistakes are!

Not setting SMART goals

As in any marketing campaign, settingSMART (specific/simple, measurable, challenging/achievable, realistic and time-bound) objectives is paramount. Indeed, having precise and achievable objectives allows to give a guideline to all the activities of a company.

It is best to formalize these objectives (in writing and through concrete figures, for example) so that each participant in a campaign never loses sight of them. In addition, whenever it is necessary to determine whether a decision is appropriate, the question must be asked, « Does this initiativeachieve the objectives previouslyset ? « . This way, you don’t waste precious time during the execution of the marketing plan.

Do not use a timeline of activities

This ties in with the first point. This is one of the most common mistakes made by companies. For any decision made during the communication campaign, it will be necessary to assign a specific deadline. The members assigned to the mission will then have to do what is necessary to respect it. If a postponement is ever necessary, the reasons must be exceptional. The truth is that continually pushing back deadlines is a drag on the business. This can be interpreted as a blatant lack of discipline.

Of course, the timetable for carrying out the activities must remain realistic. Participants should not be in a hurry, as this may result in the botching of tasks. Whatever one says, the objective remains to provide quality services.

Copy competitors’ strategies

Although the number of companies present on the web is important, each sector of activity remains specific. Even then, it is not recommended to copy your opponents. To be successful in a campaign, a company must remain unique, both in terms of products and communication.

It goes without saying that the basis of the strategy can be similar. For example, it is perfectly normal to target the same audience. However, no matter what happens, you need to have your own competitive advantages. In other words, you have to answer the question « Why would customers buy from me instead of someone else? »

Designing a shaky website

The website is the cornerstone of digital marketing. It is through this platform that customers can get an idea of a company and its products. Thus, the best is to call upon professionals in website creation to design yours. Special attention should be paid to its ergonomics and design. The interface must be pleasant to look at and intuitive.

The content must also be compelling. Not only are language mistakes to be avoided, but the visuals must also remain striking. For example, the products on display should be photographed with a good camera and under favorable conditions. The more organized and beautiful a site is, the more customers will want to buy the offers.

Communicate on all virtual platforms

Here again, it is a matter of targeting your consumers. On the Internet, it is extremely tempting to advertise on all websites and social networks. This takes up valuable time for the community manager. Instead, only target the platforms that consumers are most likely to frequent.

For technology products, for example, a dedicated site, Facebook and Instagram can be more than enough. On the other hand, for a B to B (business to business) offer, professional social networks, such as LinkedIn, will be more suitable.

Use only free referencing

Free referencing is mainly reflected through SEO (« search engine optimization »). This is definitely an effective technique when using experienced writers. On the other hand, in a world as competitive as the Internet, it has obvious limits.

The truth is that competitors will have to better reference their content on the web by going for thepaid option. In concrete terms, they will be given prime positions on virtual platforms. Their products can appear on banner ads and at the top of search results on Google or Microsoft Bing. The same approach will then have to be followed if we hope to remain neck and neck.

Move away from traditional marketing

It cannot be said enough: digital marketing alone is not enough to guarantee the success of a communication campaign. It is also essential to use traditional marketing for optimal results. Yes! Not all potential customers are Internet users. In many cases, they are still used to traditional distribution channels, which leaves some room for error.

It is therefore always useful to have a physical point of sale or, at the very least, to be available throughother communicationmedia, such as the telephone. The goal is to deliver a highly satisfying shopping experience to the user.

Beware! These are just a few of the mistakes to avoid when using digital marketing. The main thing to remember is that settingSMART objectives and targeting remain the drivers of the digital strategy. Once these points have been met, all that remains is to put the operational plan in place, without ever completely leaving traditional marketing aside.

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