comment dans magileads on score ses prospects

How in Magileads do you score your prospects?

Suitable for companies of all sizes and backgrounds, prospect scoring is the new must-have in digital marketing. It’s all about doing everything you can to turn your prospects into customers, because only sales really matter in the development of your business. Fortunately, to score your qualified leads properly, you can count on Magileads.

What is lead scoring?

Scoring is a new BtoB digital marketing technique. It consists of giving a score to a prospect based on several criteria in order to know if he is hot or not. A  » hot lead  » is, for your information, one that is about to enter your buying process or one that could convert into a lead with the right approach. Magileads supports you in optimizing your lead conversion process.

Several details can be taken into consideration when scoring a prospect and evaluating the maturity of your leads. It can be his online behaviors or personal details about him: function, place in the company, work and position within his company, etc. These are also points to take into account in order to adapt your speech and to be able to convince him simply.

Scoring: what does it matter?

Scoring is currently an important part of your online marketing strategy. It is indeed an excellent way to increase your sales by focusing on your hot prospects. These are the ones who are most likely to become customers with the right speech and approach.

With scoring techniques, you will be able to personalize and make your marketing approach more relevant in order to increase the conversion rates of your prospects. To implement an effective digital strategy, Magileads can offer you different BtoB techniques.

To increase your sales, you should not only focus your marketing actions on prospecting for new customers. Scoring helps you target your potential customers to ensure a better return on investment in your marketing strategy.

Moreover, scoring can be a lever for your digital strategy. It can increase your touch points and optimize your online reputation to help you find new customers.

Magileads approaches to help you score your prospects

Leader in the field of omnichannel digital communication and webmarketing, Magileads offers various BtoB solutions to help you better score your prospects and increase the number of leads. To put it simply, the start-up offers various tips to increase your chances of converting your prospects into target customers and to fine-tune your buying journey, but above all to optimize your notoriety in your market.

This includes using different publication channels to ensure maximum visibility: social networks, SMS, VMS, newsletter, etc. The experts can even assist you in the realization of youremailing campaign. This will not only help you retain your prospects, but also encourage them to use your services more and more.

You will be able to take advantage of all the power of Magileads: its 15 million email and likedin contacts, the personalization of your messages and contents of prospection and a considerable increase of your sales force as well as of your online visibility. It is even possible to follow and analyze the evolution of your brand on the market in order to adapt and better manage your digital prospecting campaign.

In simpler terms: call on Magileads to accelerate and facilitate your online prospect scoring . The digitalmarketing agency offers to set up a customized strategy adapted to your products and services, but also to your needs.

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