How to define a strategy for a VSB and SME?

The numbers are telling, France more than 80,000 businesses go bankrupt each year. To avoid being part of it, ensure the future of your business by putting all the chances on your side. For this, a well-framed marketing strategy is a solid foundation on which you can base yourself. Using an advisor to guide you in the construction of your global marketing strategy and your digital communication is the key to a successful strategy. In this article, we will see what it is.

Seek outside help for your marketing strategy

For many reasons, but especially for economic reasons, business leaders are reluctant to call on a business consultant when it comes to defining their marketing action plan. However, external speakers bring both fresh eyes and quality advice. Like a lawyer for legal matters or an accountant for accounting.

What is the purpose of a marketing strategy consultant?

The mission of a strategy consultant is to accompany the business manager when defining the major orientations in terms of marketing strategies. These important decisions involve the operation, and even the structure of the company. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure their results.

Strategy advice can intervene to develop a diagnosis, shed light on specific points, set the company’s objectives with the manager using specific tools, study action plans. The benefits cover all subjects relating to the management of the company.

For VSEs and SMEs

Strategy advice is especially useful to the manager of VSEs and SMEs, insofar as he lacks support to develop his corporate policy. Indeed, the largest structures have within their management bodies that play this role. As a result, strategic advice provides them with indispensable assistance.

Strategic consulting missions are generally ad hoc and time-limited. Internal and external diagnostics, as well as the complete analysis of the company are quickly carried out. The intervention is short-term, but the solutions put forward are for the long term.

The consultant provides the head of a VSB and SME with the necessary distance and specific know-how minimizing the risks for the development of their companies.

How does business advice work?

Consulting firms are mostly generalists able to provide strategy advice, but also organizational advice. They are most often contacted by large companies.

Independent consultants are often former senior executives of large groups or former managers of SMEs, who use the experience they have acquired to advise. Their services are requested by VSEs and SMEs.

What do VSEs expect from their consultants?

When VSEs use external consultants, they expect to receive sound advice, availability, and an attractive price. In their requests, they want to obtain concrete results, i.e. a turnkey strategy, and a quick return on investment. In the operation, after a first meeting more than the majority of bosses of TPE or 64% prefer to continue remotely.

Calling on external help to embark on digitalization

Faced with the evolution of the way consumers operate, companies are forced to be present in the digital world. As a result, the expertise of digital consultants is acclaimed. They are responsible for developing the company’s digital marketing strategies.

What are the advantages of a supported digital strategy?

Building and implementing digital communication must be carried out on the basis of a pre-established roadmap. To support companies in their digital transformations Specialized consultants carry out a diagnosis, recommend recommendations, provide training for operation, optimize the company’s marketing materials, and set up action plans. The purpose is to improve the user experience, transform business processes, and bring technological innovations.

Building a coherent digital communication strategy guarantees the visibility of your company on the web. The explosion of the Internet in recent years has changed consumer behavior. 81% of consumers get information online before making a purchase. The Internet is a reliable source to acquire new prospects, but also to establish your notoriety with your partners and customers.

To guarantee the quality of your web marketing strategy, being accompanied by a strategy consultant is a congruous idea.

To what extent is Webmarketing essential for VSEs and SMEs?

First, for economic reasons, advertising space on traditional media is quite expensive and mobilizes resources that VSEs and SMEs do not have. On the other hand, although the implementation of a Webmarketing strategy also involves a budget. It is a smaller investment and for the long term.

The Webmarketing strategy makes it possible to target niches, which allows small structures to optimize their efforts. The personalization of your offers is a real sales force.

The development of digital marketing is also a time saver for small business leaders who often have several roles to assume. Thanks in particular to the various systems for automating shipments and tracking, but also to the relevant content that attracts customers. The website is a long-range business card that is accessible at all times and on all media. The entrepreneur will be able to improve the productivity of his company.

For economic reasons , but also in relation to the intrusion that this can constitute, the bosses of VSEs are hesitant to call on an external person to accompany them. Sometimes, there may indeed be differences of opinion that make the leaders of VSEs and SMEs doubt. However, strategy consulting is the solution to ensure their investments.

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