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3 challenges for e-commerce and digital marketing in 2022

2022 is marked by the acceleration of digitalization, in addition to an influx of more connected consumers and new behaviors due to the Covid-19 pandemic. E-commerce owners and digital marketers need to be more flexible, proactive and pervasive than ever. From privacy protection, milestones to new spaces and formats in which to invest, we unveil three challenges to turn into opportunities in 2022.

Important events, one-off opportunities

To generate even more revenue, you need to build on this year’s one-off events. Note thatmajor events are on the agenda: the 2022 Winter Olympics, the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup and the mid-term elections in the United States. 2022 undeniably represents unique opportunities for continued growth in marketing, for those who will take advantage of them.

Many experts expect digital to generate most of the gains of e-merchants. The fast-growing retail media category, which is expected to take a larger share this year, digital audio and OTT/CTV would be trends to watch. You can build on these additional events, among others, to generate new potential revenue streams.

A world without cookies

When Google announced the gradual removal of third-party cookies from its Chrome browser by the end of 2023, it had the effect of a bombshell dropped in the digital sector. For the protection of users’ privacy, this is naturally good news. Nevertheless, this change presents a considerable challenge for ecommerce site owners and digital marketers.

This year, there will be two major phases. The first is a transition phase with the migration of services and a phase of reflection to find the most effective ways to overcome this change. When it comes to solutions, promising alternatives such as prioritizing first-party data and contextual advertising are already being considered to bounce back.

According to a study by Salesforce, 60% of consumers intend to shop more online after the pandemic than before. In addition, e-tailers plan to focus more on collecting and studying their own customer data for retargeting purposes.

In short, we expect an increase in activity, the volume of customers and the amount of data to be analyzed. This means that more time will be taken up from the already busy schedule of entrepreneurs. As a result, e-commerce owners will need more clarity, speed, and efficiency than ever before in running their business. This is what new fintech platforms provide on a daily basis through their tools and services, without taking more time or effort.

With, for example, Magileads, which makes it possible to set up an acquisition strategy based on targeting, database enrichment, animation scripting, and contact scoring for effective prospect conversion.

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At the heart of digital diversification

According to a study conducted by Magna, digital formats will account for more than 60% of total advertising sales worldwide by 2022. Sales of digital advertising, i.e. search, social, video, banners and digital audio, increased by almost a third. The entertainment industry, connected TV, video content streaming and video game platforms have boomed, transforming into advertising platforms. In this regard, TikTok will welcome new interactive formats and new Spark Ads this year.

Digital marketers have a vested interest in exploring and investing in these additional formats, media, channels, and platforms to reach the hardest-to-reach audiences. These help activate all relevant touchpoints in an increasingly fragmented customer journey and can drive ROI and ROAS.

But managing such diversification can be complex, laborious and costly. Without a clear overview and the right tools, the tedious management of multiple accounts, invoices, transactions , and other exhausting administrative tasks can easily add up and get in the way of success.

An omnichannel campaign such as Magileads, which allows you to automate a large part of your digital marketing processes , can be beneficial to you. In addition to saving time, you’ll get the information and knowledge you’ll need to make better decisions.

This is how you will ensure that the key events, a cookie-free world, and digital diversification, which will mark 2022, will work in your favor. By adapting your strategy to this context, you will unlock the full potential of your business or online activity.

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