RGPD Eprivacy Compliance

How does Magileads comply with the RGPD regulation?

Our database is hosted in France on secure servers at OVH.

We have several partner websites from which we collect opt-in data.

Our activity is declared to the CNIL: DEPOSIT N°1982723
To contact our DPO:

All of our contacts have the right to review and request to be removed from our database.

We do not hold any sensitive data that would allow the clear identification of a natural person (medical data, identity number, personal address, etc.).

A summary document of the SNCD, the professional organization representing the Data Marketing Industry : (General Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data).


  • We only work with B2B data, not subject to prior consent as stipulated by the CNIL through the e-Privacy directive, transposed into French law.
  • Magileads respects the obligation to put an unsubscribe link on each of our clients’ campaigns, to inform the user of the information we hold, the origin of the collection as well as the deletion of his or her information held by us.
  • It is also possible to exclude the email, the domain, the SIRET/ SIREN… of the company in order not to prospect them anymore. This function is also available to each of our customers.

As we go along, after structuring the prospect’s file, we contact the prospect and inform them of our email marketing activity by email.

Each prospect has the possibility to ask for the total deletion of his data from the database.
Thus, he will never be contacted by our platform again.

The prospect can unsubscribe from our list with a simple click.

The RGPD, does not force us to authorize him, but just to inform him that he will be prospected.

Similarly, when a client imports his prospecting file, he must certify that he has informed his prospects of his approach.

When unsubscribing, the prospect has the choice to unsubscribe from the customer’s communication (your communication) or from all Magileads customers on the platform.


You have the possibility to customize the unsubscribe link and set the text to your liking.

If an unsubscribe link is not detected in your message, we automatically add one with a neutral text such as  »Thank you for not soliciting me anymore: Unsubscribe ».


Neutral message

In accordance with the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), you have the possibility to unsubscribe from this email and exercise your right to withdraw your data by clicking on the following link: Unsubscribe

Message that disclaims responsibility for the service

You receive this offer whose contact base is provided by Magileads services.
In accordance with the RGPD you have the possibility to unsubscribe from this email and exercise your right to withdraw your data by clicking on the following link: Unsubscribe

Magileads allows you to take advantage of B2B offers. At any time, you can request removal from our B2B database by clicking on the following link: Unsubscribe

This commercial offer is sent by Magileads, it is possible at any time to request the removal of our B2B database by clicking on the following link: Unsubscribe.

Additional information

The personal data integrated in our database (name, first name, title, function in the company, e-mail address, NAF code, professional telephone number) are intended for the customers of the company Magileads as well as for our services for the exploitation and the update of the database.

This database comes from teleprospecting operations or from extrapolation from information collected by the company from specialized companies.
from specialized companies.

This processing is necessary for the legitimate interests pursued by the company Magileads. Indeed, the database is necessary for the commercial activity of the company since without contact data, the customers could not get in touch with the prospects predicted by the Magileads solution. The processing is also necessary for the legitimate interests of the company’s customers
because it allows them to have a relevant and effective prospecting tool.

The data is kept for a period of 1 year.

You can contact the data protection officer of Magileads:

Cookie Management

The management of cookies respects the
deliberation n° 2019-093 of July 4, 2019
(CNIL N°1920776Z).
Article adopting guidelines on the application of Article 82 of the Act of January 6, 1978 as amended to read or write operations in a user’s terminal (including cookies and other tracers) (corrigendum of JORF n°0166 of July 19, 2019), which does not require prior consent as we do not share personal data but only for statistical purposes.


Question: How do you implement prior consent (opt-in or double opt-in)?

Answer: The RGPD does not require prior consent for B2B canvassing actions as indicated in the detailed article on the CNIL website: Commercial canvassing by email.
Prior consent is not an obligation to collect information but a good practice.
The processing is only lawful if, and insofar as, at least one of the following conditions is met as indicated in Article 6 of the RGPD: The Cnil and the European Data Protection Regulation.

One of these conditions is that « the processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller
of the treatment ». In the case of Magileads, this legitimate interest is justified by our business.

We systematically inform each new contact who enters our database, telling them what data we have collected and how it will be used by our clients and partners.

Question: How is your file constituted?

Answers: Our database is made of information that we collect on the web in Open-data as well as legal information data from INSEE, Infogreffe, Bodacc, Legi France, RNCS, the public part of professional directories and social networks…, that we aggregate and structure through our intelligent algorithms.

Our clients testify that they contact an average of 2,000 prospects per month. 30% average increase in the number of appointments.

Our clients testify


prospects contacted per month on average.


average increase in the number of appointments.


of time saved per salesperson on a daily basis.


of additional business productivity on average.