Be visible to prospects, what and how to do it?

For a prospect to become a customer, the company must first be clearly visible. And as we are in the digital age, the means of visibility par excellence is the web.

This is why traditional prospecting techniques are less and less effective. The future of marketing now lies in online prospecting. This allows you to have a 360° view for both B2B and B2C marketing. However, given the competition, each entity must develop a solid strategy to have more customers.

Work on your SEO

Being in first position on Google for each query is the goal of any company with a website. But to achieve this goal, you need to work well on your SEO.

Since SEO is about creating content optimized for search engines such as Google, it has many criteria to meet. So you need to take this into account if you want results that are relevant to your query. However, just like the behavior of Internet users, Google’s criteria are also evolving.

So, here are some points to improve not only about keywords with a rich semantic field, but also about technical details:

  • SSL certificate (https instead of http),
  • Page load time,
  • Mobile version available,
  • Local SEO with Google my business (GMB).

Aside from rich and optimized content with good keywords, quickly fix the aforementioned details to improve your SEO. Google favors https sites. This means that yours will not be visible as long as it is http. Also check the loading time of your pages and compress images if necessary.

Finally, create a mobile version of your site to please Google if you haven’t already. The GMB local listing is an asset of SEO, but also of reputation. If you are a 5-star company, it is sure that Google will show you more in the first position.

Optimize your content and work on conversion

Be aware that the content is either text, video or infographic and that each prospect may have a preferred type of content. Yours can therefore be optimized if it is adapted to your target.

In addition, a user may come across your content. The ideal would be in this case that he sees your next publications to then become a prospect. This explains the interest of working on conversion in your content. You must convince the cyberuser to perform a specific action such as:

  • a subscription (newsletter, YouTube channel, Facebook page…),
  • a download (white paper, menu, map…),
  • a subscription to an offer.

All this to say that you need to take care of your Call-to-action. To the extent that a user performs any of the above actions, they will be a prospect and will see your content more frequently.

As an example, blog texts are the most common for prospecting. Already, they must be well referenced to be visible. The structure of your texts must follow a logic to highlight the CTA. To do this, you can use the inverted pyramid technique. It is a recognized technique to encourage Internet users to perform an action.

Be present where customers are

Your company’s future customers are online, yes, but where exactly? The answer is obvious, on social networks. Nearly 4 billion people (51%) are active users of social networks.

With this impressive figure, this is an opportunity not to be missed. It’s crazy, but many Internet users are starting to search social networks for consumable products. So, on which social network to be present and take action?

You have to choose the most popular ones namely Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. You must also take into account your targets, your products and your services. For B2B prospecting for example, LinkedIn is the right social network. When it comes to fashion and luxury objects, Instagram and Pinterest seem the most promising. However, as Facebook is the No. 1 social network in Europe and in the world, it is useless to be present on all social networks.

Present your products to your future customers and stay in constant contact with them. Internet users always appreciate new content so do not hesitate to animate your page or your account more. Social networks offer both the opportunity to be seen, but also to forge a reputation with prospects.

Highlight your site with social networks

With the right techniques, you can use the social networks you’re present on to generate leads to your site. You need to redirect your subscribers to content on your site.

To do this, putting the address of your site on the profile of an account is not enough. The most common technique, but one that still works very well, is blogging. It’s very simple! You share the link that leads to an article on your website. You will easily find plugins to install on your site to facilitate this action. From time to time, depending on your strategy, you can also put a link that leads directly to a product or description of your service. It’s all in the call to action.

Be careful ! The page to which you refer the user must be of quality and fast to load. You should also know that more than 90% of people active on social networks use mobile devices. That’s why having a mobile version for your website is necessary.

The key to your online visibility is to have a responsive website with quality content. Think SEO when you make texts. Also take care of your CTA, because it ensures the success of an Inbound marketing strategy. Social networks are your best allies to be present where your future customers are.

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