comment automatiser votre prospection linkedin et gagner beaucoup de temps

How to automate your LinkedIn prospecting and save (a lot) of time?

Do you spend many hours manually researching and managing leads on LinkedIn? Despite all your efforts, the results are not there? Maybe it’s time for you to change your method. Automating your LinkedIn prospecting would save you more time while generating more leads. In this article, we explain how to do it, concretely.

Automation: what is it and how does it work?

As a reminder, automation is a technique consisting of entrusting repetitive and time-consuming tasks (but not negligible within your company), to computer tools. The goal: automate these tasks to allow you to focus on other more important missions such as personalizing your messages or optimizing your content

This technique can be perfectly used in the context of LinkedIn prospecting. No more hours spent on the platform searching for profiles and sending your messages one by one. You control your prospecting from the interface of your automation tool. All you have to do is schedule campaigns.

Good reasons to automate your LinkedIn prospecting

Manual prospecting on LinkedIn can take up a lot of your time. If this energy spent is associated with poor results, discouragement can quickly happen! It is a vicious circle. The more your motivation decreases, the less likely you are to perform.

Automating your tasks can be the solution to relieve you. By using it, you quickly divide your prospecting time on the network. Once the right tool is adopted, all you have to do is set up scenarios. Everything else (reply to messages, make reminders…) is done automatically. This then allows you to generate a flow of qualified leads while you do something else.

Automation to increase the relevance of your prospecting messages

If you send dozens of messages a day, it is normal that you do not always have the courage to personalize your exchanges. Copying and pasting the same template for all your prospects can be very tempting!

However, in terms of prospecting, the personalization of your messages is the sinews of war. Certainly, thanks to automation, You will have more time to devote to this task. But your automation tools also allow you to do it effortlessly. Inserting variables such as the recipient’s last name, first name or company into your prospecting emails increases your chances of attracting their attention. This setting can be done in just a few minutes.

An automation tool also allows you to target your campaigns based on behavioral data. Thanks to a lead scoring system, you know in real time the level of engagement of your prospects. This allows you to know what useful information to pass on to them. You greatly reduce the risk of sending them content that does not interest them. And therefore to be blacklisted by the latter.

3 steps to follow to effectively automate your LinkedIn prospecting

Automating your LinkedIn prospecting starts with identifying prospects. For this, you need a reliable database. With the Magileads tool, you have access to 20 million BtoB contacts updated daily. All you have to do is segment this database according to relevant criteria such as the sector of activity or the position sought to find your prospects.

Once you have acquired your foundation, you must create your content and your scenario. As a reminder, it’s about creating sequences that follow one another until your prospects become new customers. For example: start by sending an invitation followed by an automatic thank you message (if the prospect accepts the invitation) and then a more detailed proposal to send a few days later.

In short, to prospect effectively in an automated way on LinkedIn, you will need:

  • Have a good database,
  • Qualify your prospects,
  • Set up scenarios.

All this you can do using the tools available on Magileads. We offer both a dynamic BtoB database, an intelligent marketing automation tool and relevant reporting tools. You can use it to automate, test and optimize your LinkedIn prospecting campaigns but not only. Our omnichannel platform allows you to also invest in other prospecting channels such as emails, SMS or VMS.

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