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VMS: an effective marketing strategy to acquire customers

The world of marketing is constantly evolving. Various innovative services affect our daily lives, but especially those of competing companies. In this case, the new trend is currently VMS. In order to personalize the relationship of professionals with customers and / or prospects, advertisers use VMS. In fact, it is an effective tool to communicate with consumers, while avoiding untimely disturbing them .

What is VMS?

VMS or Voice Message Service is a telecommunications feature that allows the deposit of a pre-recorded voice message on an answering machine. Without ringing the recipient’s mobile phone, the advertiser can directly communicate information about its product or services.

Neocom Multimedia created and patented the VMS to allow a company to personalize its communication with its customers. This tool proceeds by sending en masse to save time.

Sending a voice message to hundreds of potential customers every day allows you to follow up with them, without having to call them one by one. Their phone won’t ring. Still, they will see the message along with his other personal messages. This is a less disruptive process.

How do I make a VMS deposit?

The VMS is very easy to set up. Neocom Multimedia has developed an online platform ( for companies that need it.

First of all, you must contact Neocom Multimedia’s Sound Studio . Then, the company imports its mobile phone contacts into its dedicated extranet. Then, he must record his message and create his event. Xinkang Multimedia provides a phone number with a code so that the customer can record their message.

The platform also supports execution messages from its customers. Technically, the message will be submitted in the same way. Subsequently, the company will send voicemail to the entire library of mobile numbers « opt-in » (numbers that have agreed to receive messages in advance).

The technical characteristics of a voice message

Each voice message should include the following technical characteristics:

  • Message duration: The message can last up to 59 seconds. However, it is advisable to save less than this limit. In fact, the shorter the message, the greater the impact on the recipient.
  • The audio format of the message: Acceptable formats are WAVE, Microsoft PCM, 16bit, and mono 8000 Hz.
  • File size: The file size must be strictly less than or equal to 5 MB.

Online recording solutions are also available to avoid recording issues with audio format and file size.

Benefits of a VMS

Customer loyalty is becoming increasingly difficult. Companies need to stand out in communication. VMS is the solution to attract the attention of customers. Indeed, the interlocutor who will hear his answering machine has the privilege of receiving personalized messages. In addition, a voice message always arouses curiosity. Messages posted on answering machines are heard more often and their impacts are stronger.

The VMS supports all areas of activity, whether small businesses, banks, car dealerships or large retailers. Anyone can communicate with the VMS.

The voicemail service is an innovative solution. It is compatible with all types of mobile phones and all French operators .

It saves up to 50% per direct mail. This reduces the number of paper marketing campaigns.

Personalization is another benefit of voice messages. The voice has its advantages compared to writing. Indeed, it is difficult to transcribe an emotion to identify a certain intonation by SMS. The voice message brings warmth, and therefore increases the impact of it.

VMS is also a cost-effective solution. It’s less intrusive than a phone call or text. Customers are therefore not bothered by a call. They don’t feel constrained because they can send text messages whenever they want. They are more focused and receptive to the message delivered to them when they want to listen to it.

What is the difference between VMS and SMS?

The VMS is more affectionate than an SMS. The voice has a persuasive power, and it is this asset that is necessary to convey information. Listening to a voice message attracts much more attention than a text. In addition, the customer will hear it as soon as it is available.

When the customer receives an SMS asking to call back the number, they will always tend to think that it is a scam. He may be afraid to dial the number and the company will not be able to convert this prospect in question.

On the other hand, the power of the VMS goes much further. In fact, the purpose of VMS is not to transcribe SMS from a voice point of view. Its purpose is to disseminate more information than an SMS while keeping the customer’s attention. By the way, a VMS can be up to about 120 words, or between 800 to 1000 characters. It is therefore more suitable, because an SMS is limited to 160 characters.

Marketing departments love novelty and originality. They mainly seek to stand out, while offering a good return on investment to their customers. For this, the company Neocom Multimedia has made available to them the new VMS technology. Indeed, this service has a very favorable impact for them. Listening rates can increase by up to 100%, as everyone hears their messages on the answering machine. Therefore, it is an effective aid in converting prospects into customers.

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