AIDA Model

AIDA model: how to use it in digital marketing?

The AIDA model makes it possible to know the needs of a potential customer during his buying journey. You can use it in your marketing strategy to achieve your goals.

What is the AIDA model?

The AIDA marketing model outlines the four steps a consumer goes through before completing a purchase.

The acronym AIDA stands for:

· Attention : attract the attention of the consumer to make a brand known;

· Interest : arouse their interest so that they lean towards a product or service;

· Desire : stimulate one’s desire to buy products or services;

· Action : lead to the purchase of a product or service.

The main purpose of this marketing tool is to attract the attention of potential customers.

Generally, the use of this model involves strategies (TV or radio advertising, distribution of flyers, etc.).

Today, the Internet offers many ways to reach several potential customers. Through online platforms and social media, it is possible to advertise.

How to attract the attention of consumers?

The AIDA method consists primarily of attracting the attention of buyers. Since the buying journey is mainly carried out on the web, the online presence of companies becomes essential to remain competitive. For example, a person wishing to buy a dress searches for a model on social media before turning to Google. Subsequently, she concludes the purchase if she likes the item.

Online visibility and notoriety therefore become crucial. Thus, the implementation of an SEO strategy is essential in order to appear in the first page of Google search. In fact, creating a good marketing plan increases page visibility and visits. The publication of good information is therefore essential to appear in the SERP or Search Engine Result Page.

Another way can also strengthen the notoriety of a product or brand. For example, it is possible to opt for paid advertising online. In this case, the promotional website appears on the SERP, on the first page. This technique also shows its effectiveness on social media. Above all, it makes it possible to gain visibility.

A social media management strategy is therefore necessary to improve a brand’s digital identity. It is also essential to capture the attention of customers.

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Why bet on interest?

Once consumers become aware of a product or brand, arousing their interest can enrich the customer journey . This second step usually consists of offering information that meets consumers’ searches. Gaining the customer’s trust is important to approach the next step.

Understanding customer needs and proposing a product to meet those needs is always essential.

Why is desire so important?

When a customer is interested in a brand or product, the next step is to arouse the desire to buy . Encouraging potential customers to subscribe to a newsletter, for example, is convenient. Subsequently, sending relevant content by email helps to strengthen their interest.

Regardless of the communication channels used, social media is not to be neglected. To create interactions, for example, the launch of a theme about its field of activity can be effective.

Another important point, case studies, opinions and testimonials can arouse envy. Indeed, they allow the customer to know the customer experiences during the last transactions made.

Why take action?

Getting a customer to click the buy button is a crucial step, this is where you will score your goal. To do this, it is essential to facilitate access to your services.

During this step, many parameters need to be adjusted. For example, clumsy payments must be resolved in advance. In addition, using many payment methods can be convenient. Thus, the customer can freely choose the system that is adapted to him.

Implementing calls to action in content and well-thought-out visuals improves the visibility of a web page. In addition, these settings prompt customers to press the buy button.

What is a good CTA?

Calls to action are groups of words in content that encourage the customer to make a purchase. These words are often persuasive terms like join, order, buy, etc. They also mention the service or product that the customer just bought.

Create content that adds value

Offering eBooks, webinars, etc., is important, especially in terms of B2B marketing. For example, advice is one of the interesting content to write. Their goal is to provoke reflection by showcasing your products or expertise. The regular publication of blog articles thus makes it possible to accustom customers to the desired publication rhythm.

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