Retargeting: how to retarget?

Retargeting: how to retarget?

Retargeting, also called remarketing, is an online advertising technique to increase your conversion rate. This is a strategy drawn from the rule of 7. Thus, your advertising message must appear 7 times in front of your prospects to push them to buy. Concretely, if a person has visited your site and shown interest in your offers, but ultimately has not bought anything, you have to do retargeting so that they pull the trigger. In this article, discover the BA BA of retargeting.

Types of retargeting

Retargeting is a method of intelligently displaying your ad to audiences who have already viewed your page to encourage them to buy. So this is your second chance to convert them into customers. For example, a prospect visits your site and clicks on multiple products to see pricing and details. He seems interested but in the end, he does not add anything in his basket. A few moments later, he reviews this same product in his recommendations and comes back to your site to buy. This is called retargeting.

There are two remarketing strategies to get your customers to take action.

Static retargeting

In static retargeting, the marketer creates fixed banners for each page visited by the prospect. Here it will offer similar products, discount offers with promo code or simply the last product viewed.

Dynamic retargeting

With dynamic retargeting, we go further. The marketer notes the preferences of the targets and creates personalized ads to maximize the chances of sale. It is based on the principle of omnichannel standardization of the purchasing process. So, if a customer visits your Facebook page, they may be tempted to visit your website. Once on it, he will be able to find a more meaningful banner based on what has interested him lately.

On which platform can we do retargeting?

Retargeting is a multichannel method. You can do this on any platform: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube or simply on Google. Here, the goal is to offer the customer to return to your page to finalize the purchase.

Retargeting: how does it work?

Your offer must appear at the right time to reach the predefined targets. The broadcast must stop as soon as the person has purchased. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Set campaign goals

Before launching the campaign, you need to have goals like:

  • generate more leads,
  • increase sales,
  • have more visibility, notoriety, etc.

Step 2: Identify the audience to (re)target

Refine your target list to reduce retargeting costs and increase conversion rates. Preferably, tailor your ads based on what you know about the prospect. The majority of marketers target people who have visited their website for a few minutes or those who have abandoned their cart. Others add those who have visited several pages.

Step 3: Set up an engaging offer

Whether you choose static or dynamic retargeting, your offer must speak for itself in order to close a sale. It should remind the prospect of their love for your product or present complementary products. Choose your keywords carefully so that retargeting is more effective on search engines.

Use a sense of urgency to dismiss long reflections. Be careful, make sure your target is not overwhelmed by your ads. Prevent your audience from getting tired of your product easily. We recommend that you limit the frequency of the show to 15 or 20 ads per month.

Step 4: Develop your retargeting strategy

Choose the ideal communication channel for your retargeting and make a price comparison to minimize your advertising costs and make your investment profitable.

Step 5: Start the retargeting campaign

Now all you have to do is launch your retargeting campaign and hope to have the maximum conversion rate.

Step 6: Measure the performance of your strategy

Don’t forget to track your remarketing campaign so you know when to refresh your offer. In fact, you will need to offer a varied selection of advertising to avoid tiring your targets.

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