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The benefits of a PRM in a customer acquisition platform

How to expand your market share? How to attract targets? Which strategy is best suited to turn prospects into customers? How to manage your relationship with your prospects? These fundamental questions deserve to be addressed by any organization wishing to optimize its market presence and increase its competitiveness.

However, prospecting is a complex and time-consuming job. To ensure the effectiveness of a campaign, the marketer must have the necessary tools to develop strategies and organize tasks.

Today, thanks to advances in digital marketing, customer acquisition platforms like Magileads offer you a tool to manage your prospects and turn them into customers: the PRM.

Note that the Prospect Relationship Management or PRM focuses on the management of a company’s prospect relationship. It refers to the strategy, approach, techniques and tools put in place by the company to turn suspects into prospects and prospects into customers.

What are the interests for a company to manage its prospects?

Seducing the prospect and turning him into a customer are among the main objectives of a company. To do this, it carries out so-called prospecting actions.

Thus, you might wonder why follow his prospects. Admittedly, the answer may seem obvious, because the better you know your prospects, the more you will be able to understand and therefore respond to their problems.

By offering them a service or product that fits their needs, you will have a better chance of holding their attention. However, this action requires optimizing exchanges with your contacts to create an authentic and quality relationship. This explains the usefulness of the SMR.

Why does your business need a PRM?

Unlike CRM (« customer relationship management ») allows you to manage your relationships with the customer, the PRM is a valuable tool for managing your prospects. It is therefore a subset of CRM. However, these two tools are interdependent.

Concretely , CRM is a tool to manage your customer relationship. The PRM, on the other hand, focuses on finding and maintaining the relationship with your prospects. Working with this tool allows you to focus your efforts on your contacts, their signs of commitment and their conversion into customers. It gives you the opportunity to take a more selective approach in your marketing efforts. Indeed, it is more obvious to target contacts who show signs of engagement.

Magileads goes in this direction by proposing an SMR and a base of 20 million BtoB prospects. The platform’s CRP offers aAutomation of your reminder actions by nurturing loops, tells you the number of reminders already made by email, the time the prospect spent on your website and the number of reminders made by phone. All the information about your prospects is available: name, company, e-mail, landline or mobile phone, contact function, location, sector of activity or LinkedIn profile link.

Your sales representatives will be able to more easily transform your prospects into customers.

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