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The podcast: a must in digital marketing

In 2021, the importance of digital marketing for a company is well established. However, many companies do not yet know how to fully exploit such a strategy. In fact, most of them focus mainly on the basics, such as creating a website.

However, many professionals are also looking to establish themselves via the Internet. As a result, fundamentals are no longer enough. This is where podcasting comes in, as a technique to really stand out from the competition. It makes it possible to reach more Internet users.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts generally refer to audio or video files published occasionally on the Internet. To host them, there are dedicated platforms such as iTunes and Google Podcast. However, they can also be put online via websites or social networks.

Listeners often think of them as a digital radio show. For good reason, this type of content is often free. In addition, Internet users only need an Internet connection and a device such as a smartphone to access it.

In particular, creators can boast of the low cost of producing podcasts, not to mention that they are easy to design. Those who produce them can make their recordings from studios, at home and even on the street. Plus, they don’t necessarily need a script, as most podcasts take the form of a conversation.

Podcasts for all tastes

Podcast creators have relatively more freedom than those who do radio shows. Thus, they can give free rein to their imagination. Podcasts are therefore often more creative.

Among other things, advertisements on this type of format often differ from those encountered on television or networks. The fact is that hosts have the opportunity to read promotional messages in a way that best suits their show. As a result, sponsors can benefit from publicity that is out of the ordinary.

However, podcasting has the greatest advantage of allowing the treatment of various subjects such as technology, health, novelties … Producers can therefore continually offer new content to their listeners. The latter will therefore not tire easily. In addition, companies that have invested in this type of content have an added advantage. They can, at any time, choose to convert their podcasts into blogs and vice versa.

A better digital marketing strategy with podcasts

A more attractive format

Today, Internet users are bombarded with information, which leads them to prefer lighter content to assimilate, such as podcasts. With audio formats, for example, the player can both listen and perform another activity.

Midroll conducted a study on the subject. Research has shown that about 45% of people listen to podcasts while traveling (car, plane and transit). Similarly, nearly 36% consume it while cycling, running, walking and training.

More visibility for the brand

As mentioned above, podcast creators can upload their works to multiple platforms. Thus, they can reach many people who are interested in their content. In other words, it’s a nice way to expand the target audience. At the same time, the brand promoted through this format benefits from better visibility.

A website with better SEO and more traffic

Podcasting undeniably boosts a professional’s SEO strategy. Moreover, transcribing audio into writing is an excellent way to exploit this type of format. The keywords that will appear on the company’s website will not fail to attract Internet users. On the other hand, the integration of links in the description of podcasts also makes it possible to direct listeners to the desired website.

In addition to keywords and links, podcasts can also be used to better optimize your presence on social networks. The sharing of episodes on the different networks makes it possible to improve SEO. Similarly, sending messages on these channels to warn the interested audience improves blog traffic.

Creating an affinity with the audience

If podcasts are accessible at any time, they also have the advantage of conveying emotions. Most of the time, they come in the form of conversations, stories , or even personal experiences. In other words, listeners know they are listening to a man. The facilitator then becomes the voice of society. In this way, a more intimate bond is created with the promoted brand and the audience.

Even more interest for companies

A better conversion rate

This format is an effective way to convert listeners into buyers. A study of 300,000 podcast consumers proved this. 63% of them confessed to having acquired the promoted article. In addition, 71% said they visited the sponsor’s website after the host mentioned it during the show. In addition, a large part of young people seem to prefer videos and audios that are multiplying on different platforms.

Undeniable accessibility

Currently, podcasts are easy to access thanks to technological advances like voice assistants. With Siri, Alexa and everyone else, everything is much simpler. The same goes for podcast research. To listen to their favorite shows, Internet users only have to ask these assistants.

In addition, podcasts consume little bandwidth. Simply put, they charge quickly and consume little mobile data. As a result, the audience linked to this format continues to grow. For the company or sponsor, this translates into a higher number of potential customers.

In short, podcasting that is initially used to share knowledge can also participate in the development of a business. Since most Internet users are less inclined to read, an audio format is an effective way to make themselves known to the public. It even converts the audience into customers. The fact is that podcasts create a better affinity between society and listeners. Therefore, in addition to generating more customers, they retain them. This makes it a major asset within a digital marketing strategy .

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