How to develop your partner network with a marketing automation tool?

How to develop your partner network with a marketing automation tool?

Need to forge partnerships to increase your visibility, win new customers or enrich your offer ? Identifying, contacting, convincing (and following up if necessary) the right people is a process that can be long. Especially if you do it manually and on a case-by-case basis.

Few companies have the reflex to automate their partner acquisition and retention activity. As with customer prospecting, however, there are importantoptimization streams to free up your time.

Here’s how a marketing automation solution can help you in practice.

Why automate the tasks required for your network development?

It goes without saying that to grow your network, you will need to find new partners. However, as mentioned above, this can be very time-consuming. Indeed, after choosing companies, you will have to identify and then contact the right people to offer them your offer. At this stage, you will need to write several emails. In the case of a favorable response, you will also have to reply to your messages or, if necessary, make reminders.

Have you chosen to contact more than a hundred companies to develop your network of partners? So imagine all the work you’ll have to do…

By opting for a marketing automation tool, things will be much simpler for you. More importantly, they will go faster. Indeed, such a tool will allow you to automate your work (contact search, sending your emails, setting up a scenario or workflow…). This will save you valuable time. This way, you can focus on much more important points than sending emails such as personalizing your messages. And as you know, the more time you spend personalizing your exchanges with your targets, the more likely you are to get positive responses from them.

Also note that with a good automation tool, you will be able to more easily maintain your relationships with your new partners. Your automation tool will allow you to schedule messages (report, meeting request, etc.) at specific times, for example. In short, it will help you set up regular communication and interactions with your new allies, which will establish a lasting relationship of trust with them.

The features of a marketing automation tool

To automate some of your tasks, a marketing automation tool can have several features, as is the case on Magileads.

On our platform, here are the features you can use to expand your partner network

Prospect targeting

Thanks to it, you will have the opportunity to easily and quickly target a large amount of companies. You can select them according to their size, their turnover, or their sector of activity. This feature will also allow you to speak directly to the right contacts. To do this, you will only have to sort them according to their position for example or other criteria.

Omnichannel campaigns

You certainly know that today, companies do not communicate on a single channel. Some prospects might be more responsive on one channel than another. With Magileads, a feature allows you to schedule omnichannel campaigns: Email, SMS, VMS and social networks. This option maximizes your chances of reaching your target.

Scenario creation

So that you can have hyper-personalized interactions with your targets based on their behaviors, Magileads also offers you a feature for setting up scenarios or workflows. On our platform, you will be able to create different scenarios where, depending on a factor (positive answer, negative, no response), actions (sending additional information about your partnership project, follow-up emails) will be triggered automatically.

A complete dashboard

Need to measure the effectiveness of your partnership campaigns so that you can improve them later? The complete dashboard feature allows you to know the opening rate of your emails, clicks or replies. Thanks to it, you will also be able to perform more in-depth statistical analyses to know the number of openings of your emails per hour, for example. A lead scoring system also allows you to have an instant picture of the level of engagement of your entire base.

A dynamic contact base

Magileads provides you with a dynamic database of 20 million BtoB contacts. This database is updated daily to ensure the freshness of your data and the performance of your targeting strategy.

The importance of not automating everything

By automating some of your tasks, you will save time and efficiency. Be careful though. Automating everything won’t be enough to achieve your goals. For a winning partnership strategy, it will always be best to combine the use of your marketing automation tool with other levers. These include, for example:

  • Membership in professional networks in your sector;
  • Your presence at trade shows and/or conferences;
  • The implementation of marketing actions to promote your company: webinars, conferences, podcasts, etc.;
  • The development of your personal branding on social networks, as a leader.

Like inbound marketing strategies for your customers, these actions allow you to naturally attract partners to you.

It should be noted that after a period of  » all digital  » linked to the health crisis, many decision-makers feel the need for « real » meetings. To get closer to your targets and make yourself known, create opportunities to exchange with them in person!

Would you like to know the features of the Magileads platform to help you develop your partner network?

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