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Essential skills for digital marketing jobs

Digital marketing is a dynamic sector, always on the move. In this sense, those who practice these trades in this field should have multiple qualifications for the monitoring and mastery of this field. Currently, companies effectively ensure their visibility, traceability, and even success, in the vast world of the web. A company that is absent on the internet is equivalent to a non-existent company.

However, the field of digital marketing is characterized by the constant arrival of new paradigms of the web. Therefore, the digital transformation of a company goes hand in hand with « digital marketers » with transversal skills, if it wants to remain effective.

Soft skills: the essential behavioral qualities in digital marketing

Soft skills differ from one person to another. It is indeed the personal skills that will make the uniqueness of a candidate during a job interview.

In the world of digital marketing, the more of them, the better. This is explained by the complexity of web jobs, which requires versatility. This is also explained by the fact that the relevance of these occupations depends, in its entirety, on each worker.

The following are the main essential soft skills in digital marketing:

Team spirit

The vast universe of digital marketing brings together a large number of professions. For example, there are community managers, social media managers, web writers, marketing managers, managers, SEOs, etc. These are, of course, all positions that complement and interdepend.

As a result, those who want to integrate these professions should then be able to work in a team. The team spirit of each worker contributes greatly to the success of the company.


Flexibility is a fundamental asset in digital marketing. In most companies, it is beneficial, not only for them but also for the worker who owns it.

Indeed, as far as the company is concerned, the more time the marketer has, the more it can evolve at the web level and be productive. As for the one who works, the expression «  time is money » can take on its full meaning.


Creativity is not simply about how to produce web content, or perfecting the development of a marketing strategy. Creativity is also manifested in solving problems such as managing a bad buzz, or losing followers on social networks.

It is therefore important for each team member to have a creative mind. This would in fact facilitate the entry of the company into the competitive world of web marketing.

Analytical competence

As mentioned earlier, digital marketing is an ecosystem characterized by a dynamic process. As a result, it is an area that requires a lot of analysis so that companies can establish themselves in the long term, while being effective and efficient.

The marketer should in this sense, be able to anticipate and interpret each new movement and paradigm of web marketing by his analytical mind. The latter will allow the company to adapt to new web trends to help it develop in this digital world.

The technical skills needed for the digital marketer

It is obvious that, apart from personal skills, the marketer must be able to master the technical tools of digital marketing such as SEO, copywriting, e-mailing, etc., to develop the business.

However, this does not mean that every web worker must master all the levers of the web to perfection. It would simply be beneficial for the company if every member of the digital marketing team had knowledge about each of them.

Natural referencing (SEO):

Search engine optimization or SEO, or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), includes all the techniques aimed at placing a site, a page, or an application in the first pages of search engine results.

In order to use this web tool, the marketer should, at least, have some knowledge of HTML and knowledge of Google’s algorithm.

Data analysis tools

It is fundamental for a company to track the impacts of their digital actions. This would allow them to anticipate their next steps and thus ensure their position on the web.

To do this, there are tools, such as Google Analytics or Twitter Analytics, allowing the marketer to evaluate the performance of their marketing strategies, thanks to the interpretation of figures (impact on the audience, Internet users).


Copywriting has writing techniques that are specific to it in order to attract Internet users. Thus, a good marketer should be able to master them in order to ensure the sale of products or services of a company.

Copywriting can be learned, acquired and perfected after many exercises and productions.


E-mailing is currently one of the most used web tools. It makes it possible to retain customers, to support them or to transform prospects into customers.

Like copywriting, it is also a lever of digital marketing that requires special writing techniques. The marketer must essentially be truly convincing in his remarks.

In addition to writing, the marketer should also master automated email platforms such as MailChimp, Marketo, or iContact.


Storytelling is about telling a credible story on the web, but its goal is to touch the deepest feelings of the reader. The purpose of this instrument is therefore to strengthen the customer relationship and transmit the values of the company or brand.

Any marketing expert should have this skill because it is not difficult to acquire and moreover, it allows to exponentially improve the image of the company.

In short, in order to properly position a company in the world of digital marketing, personal qualifications and technical skills are essential for every marketer. Otherwise, the company risks being unknown in the vast world of web marketing, which currently dominates the world.

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