magileads au service des rh pour la recherche de candidats cibles

Magileads at the service of HR for the search of target candidates

Recruitment is vital to the future of a company. Indeed, its prosperity depends not only on the quality of its offers, but also on the competence and performance of its team. The issue of recruitment becomes even more strategic when growth is present and talent is in high demand .

Recruitment: a problem for many companies

Today, many companies are struggling to find the employees they need. Many companies complain about recruitment difficulties while countless people are unemployed… The mismatch between the supply and demand for labor helps to explain these difficulties. There is also the fact that the competition between the brands has become increasingly tough. In addition, since the 2000s, employees’ expectations and requirements have changed significantly. Top talent now expects their future employer to offer them career development opportunities, for example. However, this is not always possible in some companies. In addition, many companies continue to offer unattractive salaries. What to do in such a situation?

HR marketing to optimize recruitment

Faced with the difficulties companies have in recruiting, HR departments have had to evolve to take into account not only the needs of the company, but also the expectations of their future employees. By not complying with their requirements, HR departments have realized that they risk leaving the best recruits to the competition. Moreover, in recent years, recruiters have shown a lot of inventiveness. Various recruitment methods have been invented in order to attract the best candidates to a company.

HR marketing is one of these methods. Currently, it allows to optimize the situation of each recruited employee. It also helps employers retain their employees. And it is important to know that good HR marketing can now make a company a true reference in recruitment . This method can be used to to promote it in order to make it known to as many people as possible while making it as attractive as possible to differentiate it from others.

Magileads: an effective talent prospecting tool

As part of HR marketing, human resources must not only communicate with employees internally, but also promote their company’s brand during recruitment campaigns. HR managers must write and then distribute their job offer without forgetting to highlight all the advantages of being part of their company. They must also try to identify the most suitable profiles for the position and facilitate the integration of new employees.

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It is clear that it is not easy to find the ideal candidate who meets the company’s needs. Indeed, many people may have the required degrees and qualifications. But you must also check which applicants are likely tobring real added value to the company. You must also make sure that the candidate who has caught your eye has the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to work with you.

The Magileads solution enables qualified staff to be hired through omnichannel communication. This campaign will not only help showcase your brand to your target candidates, but also effectively sort through their applications. The platform makes it easier for you to complete the entire recruitment process. You will find on our platform all the tools dedicated to the writing of your job offers, to their diffusion and to communicate easily with the candidates.

The all-in-one procurement platform allows you to streamline tasks that take up too much of your time and energy. Examples of this are the distribution of advertising messages on social networks or the processing of emails. In addition, you will also be able to quickly evaluate each candidate. You will effectively direct them to the position most suited to their skills. In short, you will automate your recruitment campaigns to allow you to exchange with a maximum of people and to focus on the essential.

In addition, Magileads integrates several software programs capable of classifying a job seeker not only. The ranking is based on the level of competence and the degree of integration in the recruitment process. By scoring each contact, you are sure to select the most motivated and relevant profiles.

At the same time, you will be able to improve the qualification level of candidates through relevant and targeted ads. You will then be able to reach the people who really meet your hiring criteria while avoiding wasting time contacting those who do not have the required profile.

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