How to improve B2B customer loyalty through newsletters?

It’s good to have many customers and reach an exorbitant turnover. But to grow your business, you also need to think about loyalty.

For years, emailing techniques have helped many companies retain their customers. Even today, 80% of B2B sales professionals say that emailing remains the best loyalty tool. It would be a shame not to include this essential marketing lever in your communication strategy. You will certainly miss out on many sales opportunities.

One of the most well-known and effective forms of e-mailing is the newsletter. Very different from prospecting emailing, it allows you to retain your audience on the web. But it is also the marketing tool that converts best. But how to create a successful newsletter ? What should I consider? Is it really beneficial to develop my business? All the answers to these questions can be found in this folder.

Why do newsletter campaigns?

In principle, all marketing actions carried out by a company aim to boost their activity. But newsletter campaigns, in particular, play several important roles at once. Also, it would be wise to make a small reminder about the benefits of these for your marketing strategy.

1 – Customer loyalty

How does a newsletter manage to retain customers? Very often, it is prospecting that comes to mind when it comes to emailing. But newsletter campaigns have a specificity that makes them unique. In fact, this type of email marketing can just as easily be a prospecting tool and a customer loyalty tool. So it all depends on your goals and the audience you’re targeting.

To retain your customers through newsletters, you have to be creative. It is also necessary to know their expectations and their problems. You must then align the content of your email according to the information in your possession. You can put practical advice, information on new products or sales. It would also be good to announce in your newsletter upcoming events that may interest your target.

Indeed, the idea is to show your customers that you are present and quite accessible. You create a relationship of trust conducive to new sales opportunities. It would even be possible to turn the most loyal customers into ambassadors of your brand.

2 – Demonstrate your expertise

The message you will convey in your newsletter must be interesting and above all personalized. You are not going to send the same email to your prospects and your customers. Know that a newsletter must bring added value to its recipient. You need to be seen as a true specialist in your field of expertise. Yes, you can demonstrate your expertise in your newsletter! Talk about yourself, what is your vision ? What sets you apart from your competitors?

In fact, the newsletter also allows you to work on your notoriety and credibility on the web. That’s why it’s important that your message is well cared for. You can also increase your visibility by linking your newsletter to your website. This will allow you to bring back more visitors and increase traffic. For example, you can encourage your readers to discover your recent offers . This is where the relevance of your CTA will be put to the test.

If all goes well, a single click will be enough to redirect the reader to a landing page or a form on your website. It is important to imagine from the beginning the path to be taken by the reader once he is redirected to the site. A redirect to a specific page on your site would be much better than a redirect to the homepage.

3 – Get a prospect database

Newsletters allow you to provide useful information to your audience. But at the same time you will have the opportunity to collect their contact information.

With targeted newsletter campaigns , you can get a base of B2B contacts potentially interested in your products or services. How to do it? All you have to do is offer your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This is done by subscribing to a registration form placed on one of your CTAs. In this sense, the latter must be used intelligently to get clicks. Moreover, the newsletter is a great way to measure the level of interest of your visitors. For example, you can see which articles they are most interested in. The more relevant information you have about them, the more you will know how to interact with them.

Above all, never forget that your newsletter can only be effective if it is well designed. The strategy you are going to use needs to be fine-tuned well before your campaign runs . Now let’s see how to create an impactful newsletter that could become your loyalty tool par excellence.

5 steps to create a customer loyalty newsletter

A loyalty newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with your customers. It allows you to offer them something they will look forward to reading again and again. It is also an ideal solution to increase your loyalty rate. It’s time to discover the steps to creating a successful loyalty newsletter.

1 – Enhance your audience

Don’t disappoint your readers ! You need to value the audience you’re addressing. By signing up, your followers expect to know who you are and what you do. Subscribing to a newsletter is therefore a voluntary act. It expresses an expectation or interest. If the quality of your newsletter is not there, you will have a problem. Your subscribers will start unsubscribing. And that, they can do it in a few clicks.

The best way to value your audience and improve their retention is to get them to interact with you. But first, take the time to know and define your target. Knowing their needs is the first thing to do. Then, offer content that meets their expectations. What speaks to them? What are their common problems ? Talk about your solution in your newsletter. Highlight your business and what you can do for them to meet their needs.

Don’t forget to engage them, you need to push them to click on your call-to-actions (CTAs). If they respond to your email or fill out your form, even better. This way, you will have even more chances to increase your income. Keep in mind that the newsletter can be an effective way to upsell or cross-sell. A word of advice: value your audience… and its needs!

2 – Take care of your content

Be unique, create content that your followers won’t find anywhere else. Your content reflects your skills. Try to convey a relevant message with good tips and tricks. Ideally, your followers should feel privileged and valued. The advantage of a newsletter is that you can talk about a little bit of everything. But be careful, this does not mean that you can talk about everything in one email. You can use a personalized message for a targeted audience.

Also make sure that your newsletter does not contain spelling mistakes, incomprehensible or unclear sentences. This will save you from wasting time and losing subscribers. Bad content doesn’t attract anyone and doesn’t generate revenue. Instead, opt for simple, clear, relevant and rich sentences to build the right message. You can also use good visuals to grab attention and impress your readers. Most people prefer to watch videos rather than read long, sloppy text. Optimize your content as much as possible. Remember that the more you are read, the more your followers will talk about you. This could only be beneficial for your visibility and notoriety.

3 – Do copywriting

How to write your newsletter in a captivating way? The question sounds simple, but many marketers can’t do it at all. However, there is a foolproof technique that will allow you to succeed: copywriting!

What is it exactly? This technique consists of writing highly persuasive texts to captivate the reader and encourage him to act. This method can be used to promote a brand, product , or service. In other words, it will be your most powerful weapon for writing the content of your newsletters. Writing an email marketing is a bit like acting as a consultant. It’s like talking to a close friend. And precisely, copywriting can accomplish this kind of feat!

Storytelling is one of the most effective copywriting techniques. We are all passionate about good stories. It is much easier to get a message across with the best method. Storytelling allows you to capture and retain the attention of your readers. But it also allows you to convey emotions to your readers. This will allow you to inspire them to take action. Indeed, the real power of copywriting is its persuasive power. If your newsletter campaign is primarily aimed at converting leads, this is the method for you. However, it can also be used to build customer loyalty. Words are powerful if they find their masters!

4 – Publish regularly

It is important to publish your newsletters regularly. When it comes to email campaigns , this rule is absolute. Also, if your emails have a poor deliverability rate, it means they are unlikely to be read.

Sending too frequently can be annoying and is a source of unsubscriptions. Even worse, if your content is inappropriate, your messages may end up in spam. The best thing to do is to analyze when your audience is likely to open your mailings. What is the ideal frequency ? It depends on how much time you can spend on it. But a quarterly mailing is the minimum to establish a solid and lasting relationship with your customers. The best frequency is probably monthly, provided you keep up the pace. Above all, do not forget that regularity is a determining element for a newsletter. The goal is to publish the right message, at the right time and to the right person.

5 – Evaluate your performance

When we talk about marketing actions, we often tend to focus on planning and execution. Performance analysis is too often left out. However, tracking the performance of your campaigns allows you to identify areas for improvement.

If you really want to achieve your goals, it is strictly recommended to consult your dashboards. This will allow you to improve the impact of your next broadcasts. But it also allows you to increase the value you bring to your audience. All you need to do is understand and analyze the key performance indicators (KPIs) of your emailings.

Here are the most important email metrics to track: open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, deliverability rate, your website traffic , and revenue . Of course, these are only the most frequently used. Everyone is free to choose the right metrics they want to use.

There is a way for you to do a good follow-up, easily, but effectively. Magileads is an automation platform for your email campaigns. The tool allows you to perform excellent tracking with more in-depth and detailed statistics and analysis . Don’t wait any longer to meet one of our acquisition and loyalty experts to share your needs and see how our platform works.

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