AI at the service of prospect behavioral scoring

Magileads: when AI is used to score prospects

In order not to waste time trying to convert prospects who are still unlikely to buy your product, you need to refine your targeting and scoring. To do this, you can combine lead behavior analysis with marketing automation.

Lead scoring or behavioral scoring of prospects is particularly important in B2B. This is one of the important levers for a successful marketing campaign. It allows you to optimize your marketing operations and target your campaigns. Nevertheless, it is not easy to accurately and filtered the most useful information about your prospects. Fortunately, with a good marketing automation solution, everything becomes simpler and you become more efficient in your efforts.

What is the scoring of prospects in BtoB?

Scoring consists of assigning a rating to each prospect based on their level of engagement, i.e. their behavior towards your brand and product. For example, it is said that the prospect warms up if he consults the pricing page. In simple terms, behavioral scoring gives a clear idea of the maturity level of your prospects.

This is a powerful technique that can allow you to optimize your prospecting strategy. It is used in particular to segment your traffic on the web. The behavior of prospects vis-à-vis a site or several sites can indeed be translated into scores. Similarly, their recorded behaviors when receiving emails (opens, clicks), for example, can allow you to assess their position within the sales funnel.

There are three main levels of commitment: education, consideration and decision-making. The message to prospects evolves with each acquisition phase. You can personalize your educational content as your prospects engage. Moreover, it is essential to educate your target before presenting your services.

What are the types of lead scoring?

Density scoring

Density scoring quantifies a user’s journey through a website. It helps you rank your visitors’ behaviors. It allows you to identify the people who need to be contacted. This gives you a clear idea of when and how to relaunch them. Determining factors can be connection time and number of clicks.

Scoring by categorization

Scoring by categorization allows you to optimize your web-tracking and retargeting campaigns. This ranking helps eliminate off-target visitors at the time of relaunches. The pages are classified according to the prospect’s predisposition to purchase. They are:

  • hot pages such as tariff pages,
  • lukewarm pages such as product sheets,
  • and eliminatory pages such as job offers.

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Can we automatically score our BtoB prospects?

AI helps collect data about your customers

Artificial intelligence has definitely managed to conquer the world of marketing. In BtoC, it has become essential for marketing departments in the implementation of their digital strategy. In BtoB, the situation is a little more complex insofar as it is not easy to collect relevant data on companies.

However, this data is at the heart of commercial prospecting. They must be quantitative and qualitative to allow the effective capture of leads. Magileads has become a leader in the business prospecting market thanks to its database with more than 20 million nominative B2B contacts. Indeed, deep learning requires a large amount of information to segment your prospects. Also called « deep learning » or « deep learning », it is a set of machine learning methods attempting to model data with a high level of abstraction through articulated architectures of different nonlinear transformations.

Marketing automation to segment your prospects

This extremely detailed contact list will allow your marketing teams to generate qualified leads ready to be converted into customers by your sales reps. On this point, Magileads strives to update its database almost daily. This way, you can be sure that you are working with reliable and relevant data.

The platform helps you create a tailor-made omnichannel strategy by providing you with the best customer acquisition levers. With marketing automation as a lever, you now have the opportunity to make all your marketing efforts profitable while saving time to develop your business.

Can we predict prospect behavior with AI?

Machine learning allows you to make relevant predictions in terms of behavioral scoring. Data scientists have developed this technology to simulate human learning. Thanks to it, you will be able to empirically study the mechanism that guides the choice of your prospects and anticipate their behaviors.

Computer programs use deep learning software to study and analyze your prospect’s scoring. It is interesting to see how these algorithms improve over time. The interest of this verbal analysis is crucial insofar as it allows marketers to draw relevant conclusions about the profile or behavior of prospects. This upstream preparation facilitates decision-making and makes it possible to gain in efficiency.

Automate your BtoB prospecting using Magileads

The Magileads customer acquisition and retention platform allows you to automate your prospecting processes from A to Z. It provides innovative solutions to allow you to easily generate leads by email, LinkedIn or through Ads retargeting. Thanks to this targeted and sustained communication, you will be able to adapt the messages to stimulate the prospect if he is hot, warm or cold.

This type of software constantly learns from the information collected about the behaviors or choice of your targets. The KPIs you receive will help you perfect your marketing strategy as your campaign progresses.

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