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5 essential tools for effective Digital Marketing

A company that wants to grow in digital marketing must determine its objectives and needs. In order to achieve its goals, the company must have the appropriate knowledge and know-how. To do this, it can hire or not a community manager. In both cases, one thing is certain: to have the best results in digital marketing, the theory must be accompanied by practical knowledge, but above all the appropriate tools.

The IT tools for this type of business strategy are countless. In particular, they help to better exploit the opportunities offered by the Internet. Because of their number, here are some of the most popular and important tools in digital marketing.

WordPress for creating a website

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5 essential tools for effective Digital Marketing 2

It’s no longer a secret, websites are at the heart of digital marketing. Owning one is therefore essential. It is precisely for the creation of these sites that WordPress exists. Although very practical to design, it is not really a digital marketing tool.

More specifically, it is a software belonging to the group of Content Management Systems (or CMS). This type of software offers its users the possibility to create websites even if they do not have technical skills in web or computer development. According to a study by W3Techs, WordPress helped create about 40% of websites. This platform has quickly become a reference for a multitude of digital marketing managers, including community managers. For good reason, it is easily accessible.

Depending on the objectives to be achieved, appropriate training makes it possible to acquire the necessary skills to exploit it. Eventually, the beneficiary of the training can manage a site. In addition, he will also be able to optimize the site, such as its design, security and natural referencing.

Google Analytics and the optimization of a digital marketing strategy

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5 essential tools for effective Digital Marketing 3

After setting up a website, the study of its effectiveness is also essential. This helps to improve the digital marketing strategy. It is for this purpose that Google Analytics was created. It is a tool that allows you to analyze many points about a website. It has the advantage of offering free services to its users, making it even more interesting in digital marketing.

Google Analytics is a tool extremely appreciated by Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) professionals. With the help of this instrument, they can better understand the conduct of their audience. In this way, they can adapt their method to generate more visits to the web pages they govern. To make it simpler, Google Analytics makes it possible to optimize the website and its pages by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.

The fact is that Google Analytics offers access to different dashboards and various data. The latter promote in particular the SEO optimization of the site in order to have more visibility. Concretely, this Google tool proposes to study the effectiveness of web pages. For example, the user has access to the percentage of conversion of prospects into customers. He also has the possibility to know in what way (emailing, social networks …) Internet users have landed on his site. The owner can also monitor the number of visits over a set period of time.

Google Ads, pay for more visibility on the Net

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5 essential tools for effective Digital Marketing 4

Digital marketing experts know that visibility is an extremely important point. To acquire them, Google Ads is one of the best solutions to achieve SEA optimization. However, the services of it are not free. The beneficiary must, for example, invest in the production of advertising. He must also pay to position himself on relevant keywords according to his sector of activity.

Of course, each browser has its own advertising platform. However, Google includes the vast majority of searches made by European Internet users, including the French. Because of this, Google Ads is essential for anyone who wants to grow in digital marketing.

In fact, the services offered by this tool encourage an increase in the number of visits. In addition, the cost of the service depends on the keyword chosen, especially according to the number of competitors who have chosen it. Indeed, the price (cost per click or CTC) influences the positioning. However, the quality of the landing page and the natural referencing of the site are not to be neglected.

MailChimp for email campaign automation

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5 essential tools for effective Digital Marketing 5

Emailing is a common practice in the world of digital marketing. In the hands of a connoisseur, this practice is particularly effective in converting prospects into customers. In addition, this method offers good potential with regard to its profitability. Indeed, the expenses are often small compared to the results it can bring.

To be more efficient in sending emails, MailChimp is a good solution. This software makes it possible to automate the sending process. Especially since the results it offers are analyzable and it is one of the most used tools in its field.

Thanks to its many features, MailChimp allows you to add automation to the digital marketing strategy. It allows you to configure a contact list and then automate the sending of emails. In addition, users can access a lot of information. These include the number of clicks, the time of day when emails are most opened, and much more. As a result, MailChimp makes it possible to constantly evolve the emails used in marketing automation.

Hootsuite helps leverage social media

5 essential tools for effective Digital Marketing 6

Hootsuite is an online platform that allows you to better enjoy social networks. Indeed, these are part of the pillars of digital marketing. This tool helps to manage multiple social networks more easily with a single dashboard. It allows you to schedule publications, study the impact of digital campaigns and more. In addition, Hootsuite is among the most popular in its field.

In short, WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Ads, MailChimp, and Hootsuite are some of the most practical tools in the digital marketing space. In particular, they can cover many needs while being effective, but above all affordable. However, having them available is not enough. To be able to make the most of them, an expert such as a community manager is essential.

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